Month: March 2018

ABAP Data Dictionary

145 ABAP Data Dictionary Before we jump directly in to Data Dictionary concept, let us learn something about basic SQL operations. To perform any operation on Data we need to perform two things: Define Data and Manipulate Data. Both of these operations are achieved by SQL [Structured Query Language] operations. SQL is a language that […]

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What is ABAP

263 What is ABAP? A general interview question: “What is ABAP?”. ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is a 4th Generation (because it is domain specific language) programming language developed by SAP. The ABAP kernel is implemented in C++.ABAP is a hybrid programming language that supports both a procedural and an object-oriented programming […]

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What are SAP Session

216 What are SAP Session? “SAP Session” are a way to control the number of logins or number of active users on a single Landscape. To make it easier let assume that we have 3 landscapes i.e. ISD, IST, ISP. These 3 landscapes will be used for different purposes i.e. for Development, Testing and Production. […]

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ABAP Syntax

114 ABAP Syntax What is the Mandatory ABAP Syntax that must be followed by every coder? ABAP is not a case sensitive language (It is case sensitive in the case of field name being passed in Function Module) Every Program must start with a Keyword Every Program must end with a Period (.) Every Chained […]

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