Month: May 2019

SAP ABAP Unit Testing Class

75 Introduction ABAP unit testing is a methodology for software development. Whenever we create a class, it is mandatory to create its test class to check the behavior of our code if it is working exactly as it was expected.  While developing any object, it helps the developer to cover all possible scenarios. With ABAP […]

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SAP MM Tables

87 Introduction In this section we have discussed SAP MM Tables. We have provided the table name with its description as well as its explanation. Feel free to ask the name of the SAP MM tables that we have missed in the comment section. Material master: MARA- Material Master: General data It is a standard SAP […]

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SAP MM Tcodes

58 Important T-codes in MM In this section we will discuss all the SAP MM Tcodes. These transactional codes are sub divided into groups for your better understanding. Feel free to ask the Tcodes which we have missed in the comment section. Material Master Tcodes Create material master : MM01 Change material master : MM02 Display […]

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SAP MM Organizational Structure

50 Introduction In the SAP ERP, SAP MM Organizational Structure is used to represent the legal and organizational structure of the company. The organizational structures form a framework according to which the whole business runs. The organizational structure in Material management consists of the following levels: Client Company Code Plant Storage location Purchasing Organization Purchasing […]

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