Month: June 2019

Merkle Tree

23 Introduction In Blockchain, it is very important to keep our transaction and other data encrypted and secure. The security of data is not a new requirement and there is a whole different department working 365 x 24 for the same. This department is the department of cryptography. Under cryptography, a tree is an organization […]

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30 Introduction Whenever a transaction happens anywhere, it is very important to keep the time and date of that transaction in record. This record not only helps in tracing down the transaction for validity but also helps in reducing the number of frauds and maintaining the transaction details in current sequence. To maintain data and […]

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What are Restful Web Services

43 Introduction In our previous article we have discussed what is an API. There are different types of API calls e.g. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Representational State Transfer (REST). All these API calls have same purpose i.e. to transfer data securely among two or more systems. In this article […]

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How APIs work

44 Introduction Everything is online nowadays. From grocery website to online medical services, we can do anything and everything right from our home with the help of any electronic device such as laptop, PC or mobile. Have you ever wondered that how the App or the website you visit understands you and processes your payment. […]

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