Month: October 2019

Consensus Mechanism

11 Introduction The literal meaning of consensus is “A general agreement” which means a consensus for a Blockchain is a mechanism of validating transaction before pushing it into a block, based on general agreement. The common example of agreement can be seen in bitcoin where it is required to have miner’s agreement of more than […]

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How to Activate Services in SICF

54 Introduction SAP provides Internet Communication Framework (ICF) services that needs to be activated after your OData Service is registered and active. The ICF is an API service enables an ABAP program to communicate with the Internet. In our last article, we have activated our OData services, let us explore more about SICF nodes in […]

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MDM Interview Questions

44 Introduction With the introduction of new devices in the market, there was a requirement to secure them. Every device has its own internal security system, but when it comes to the security of enterprise devices and with that the important enterprise related data within those devices, there was the requirement of additional layer of […]

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SAP UI5 Interview Questions

53 Introduction SAP and SAP technology provides enormous opportunity in IT industry. With increasing operations and market, the need of SAP technical consultants has observed sharp increase in job opportunities. The main job profile for SAP technical consultants is primarily based on ABAP (core ABAP and OOPs ABAP) and Fiori/UI5. In this article we will […]

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