Month: April 2020

Difference between Update function module and Regular function module

14 Introduction Before discussing the difference between Update function module and Regular function module in SAP ABAP, let’s have a short introduction of the two. Function modules are procedures that have a set of re-usable statements with importing, exporting parameters, etc. They are created in ABAP workbench using the Function Module Builder. They play an […]

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How Internet works

20 Introduction The internet is a network accessed via wire (fibre optic) or wireless. Internet is useful because any two computers directly connected to internet wire (network) can communicate. In this article we will discuss more about “How Internet Works”. Internet Basics A server is a special computer that is connected directly to the internet. […]

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What is Protocol

31 Introduction Before we explain, what a protocol is, let’s start with the basics of communication. How do we communicate? We use different languages for communication. I am an Indian and suppose my client is a German. In our case, I speak Hindi, and he speaks German. Now, there is a communication gap/barrier. To eliminate […]

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SAP Ariba SSO Architecture

14 Introduction According to SAP Ariba, it SSO Architecture is a set up of trust between SAP Ariba and Corporate Identity Provider using SAML 2.0. In this article we will explore SAP Ariba SSO Architecture in detail. Types of Authentication SAP Ariba allows buyers and suppliers to login into Ariba Network using two methods: Regular […]

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Ariba Network Permissions

9 Introduction Ariba Network provides various permissions to users to access certain areas of the Ariba Network user interface. Permissions are grouped into roles and each role includes at least one permission. In this article we will explore all the Ariba Network Permissions. Ariba Network Permissions Below is the table describing Ariba Network permissions, its […]

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