Month: June 2020

What is SAP Smart Forms

24 Introduction SAP Smart Forms is a tool to create and maintain forms for mass printing and sending documents. This tool is also used for developing PDF files, e-mails, and documents. It provides an interface to build and maintain the layout and logic for the form. It does not require any programming knowledge to modify […]

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Difference between Object-Oriented ABAP and Function module

9 Before discussing the difference between Object-Oriented ABAP and Function module, let’s have a short introduction of the two. Object-Oriented ABAP Object-Oriented ABAP or OOABAP is the object-oriented extension of ABAP, which mainly focuses on the classes and object rather than the code flow. An object-oriented approach enables programmers to think like they are working […]

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Class Constructor in a Class

11 Introduction We have understood about constructors in our previous article, a constructor is a special method that is invoked automatically at the time object is created or instantiated. It has two types: Instance Constructor and Static Constructor. The static constructor also called as class constructor is invoked whenever there is first call to the […]

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HTML Table

5 Introduction In real world applications, tables are widely used to display organization data. In HTML too we can create our own Table with columns, headers and rows. With the help of query functions in JavaScript we can even add rows and columns to these tables at runtime. Tables in HTML To display table in […]

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HTML lists

3 Introduction A website is incomplete without a list. Many times a developer needs to something either in a bullet list or in a numbered list. In this article we will learn both of the HTML lists and how to implement them in our code. Lists in HTML In Hypertext Markup Language, we have primarily […]

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