Month: September 2020

Builder Pattern in Java

4 Builder Pattern is another import design pattern under creational patterns. It is mainly used to solve problems relating to object creation and their functionalities. It so happens that certain objects contain more attributes than they can handle. This gives rise to several internal problems and ultimately leads to codes crashing. To prevent such a […]

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Bridge Pattern in Java

4 A system generally has two sections to it. One is the abstracted class that contains all of the complex codes. libraries and databases. This class (or group of classes) forms the basic framework of the application and the services it has to offer. Together, this is called the implementation. The other part of any […]

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Adapter Pattern in Java

9 The Adapter Pattern is an integral part of Structural Design Patterns in JAVA. To understand this pattern, it will be easier if one imagines the work of an adapter. An adapter is used to bridge functionality gaps between two different systems. In JAVA as well, the adapter pattern is used as a glue between […]

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