Month: October 2020

Command Pattern

2 Introduction The command pattern is a complex behavioural design pattern that encapsulates all the necessary data for a request under an object. In simpler words, the command pattern is a design pattern that actively converts requests into objects with the commands and method calls of the request embedded in the command object itself. Work […]

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Visitor Design Pattern

3 The Visitor Design Pattern is part of Behavioural Design Patterns in object-oriented programming and is invoked when there are several similar objects in hand on which a certain operation is to be performed. As this pattern is responsible for maintaining communication between two or more objects, it makes sure there is as less coupling […]

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Template Design Pattern in Java

2 The Template Method Design Pattern in Java is an important design pattern that belongs to the group of Behavioural design patterns. This pattern is commonly used whenever a certain algorithm of method creation has to be defined and made a skeleton such that other subclasses can inherit the methods and extend their functionalities and […]

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Strategy Design Pattern in Java

2 Strategy Design Pattern is an important part of Behavioural Designs Patterns in JAVA. The word ‘strategy’ becomes key to be able to understand how this pattern works. A problem can be solved by applying various strategies. Even if all strategies deliver the required output, it is imperative that the most efficient strategy is used […]

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