Month: October 2020

State Design Pattern in Java

1 As this pattern closely follows the behaviour of a particular object, State Design Pattern falls under the Behavioural Design Pattern section. This pattern studies any behavioural changes in an object that will subsequently cause its state to change as well. Lower coupling is promoted when this pattern is implemented. If the context object changes […]

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Singleton Pattern in Java

5 Singleton Pattern is regarded as one of the most fundamental design patterns of JAVA. The name draws from the mathematical idea of a singleton set that only has one element in it. It is its own super-set as well as subset. On mapping it to JAVA, by definition, a Singleton pattern is established when […]

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Prototype Design Pattern in Java

5 This design pattern works to the truest sense of the word ‘Prototype’. Another one of the creational design patterns, the Prototype Design Pattern finds use, where there is a requirement of creating numerous objects, and all of them, will have same or similar attributes. In such cases, a prototype object is created with generalized […]

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Observer Pattern in Java

3 Observer Pattern falls under Behavioural Design Patterns as it studies closely the behaviour of the subject object. This pattern is based on the interdependency of a subject with its observers. The observers study the behaviour of the subject closely and change accordingly whenever a subsequent change is seen in the subject. Definition By Definition, […]

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