Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC)


For an admin, the degree of managing and controlling an active directory has colossal boundaries. As the name suggests, active directory management tools provided admins with the power of increasing performance, adding/deleting AD objects, and monitor domains and OUs for any erroneous behaviour. With ADAC, controlling active directories goes to the second level. ADAC, which stands for Active Directory Administrative Centre, provides enhanced management tools for active directories that eases the IT admin’s work while working with AD DS. ADAC was primarily built on Windows Powershell and can only work on Microsoft server 2008, and newer versions as the GUI does not support the previous versions.


An Active Directory(AD) is a vivid database and package of services and tools that host devices to connect to a particular network and do their work using the administrator’s network resources.

Important aspects of Active Directory Administrative Center

  • Fine-grained password policy: In layman terms, this policy was developed to define particular password credential policies for groups of users belonging to the same domain. As active directories advanced, more passwords were needed in a domain to increase security, which could be confusing and complex to handle for users. Thus, fine-grained password policies allow users to set different password policies. For instance, stricter passwords would be needed for users, whereas some would use a less-stricter passcode in the same domain.
  • Windows PowerShell History Viewer: Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) itself is built on Windows PowerShell. Through the PowerShell History Viewer, it can be used as a learning tool for active directory cmdlets. All the actions carried out in the user interface can be shown in scripts through Windows PowerShell. It can be viewed through the Windows PowerShell History Viewer. These scripts can be reused by IT admins to save time and increase productivity while managing active directories.


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