What is an Active Directory
How to Install DNS using PowerShell
What is a Domain
Install Active Directory Domain Services Using PowerShell
What is a Forest
What is a Global Catalog
Active Directory Management Tools
ADMT :- Active Directory Administrative Center(ADAC)
ADAC :- Active Directory Recycle bin
Enable Active Directory recycle bin through PowerShell
ADAC :- Fine Grained Password Policy
Creating and managing fine grained password policy using PowerShell
ADAC :- Windows PowerShell History Viewer
ADAC :- Global Search
Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
Active Directory OU and OU Planning
Active Directory Groups
ADUC :- Management of Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Delegation Control
Add a secondary Domain Controller
Add a Read Only Domain Controller
Domain Trusts
Change a domain controller
Active Directory Sites and Subnets
Active Directory Replication
Check replication with repadmin tool and AD replication status tool application
Active Directory and DNS
Active Directory Snapshot
Active Directory Backup & Restore
Authoritative active directory restore with powershell
FSMO transfer
FSMO seizure
What is Group Policy Object
Group Policy Storage
Configure Group Policy Object
Group Policy Implementation Process
GPO Blocked Inheritance and Enforced Inheritance
Group Policy Loopback Processing
Group Policy Preferences
Deploy Software through GPO assigned method: Google Chrome
Deploy Software through GPO published method: Adobe Reader
Map a drive to share folder on workstations
Secure computers or workstations with GPO security policies
Configure services through GPO on workstations
Deploy advanced firewall setting through GPO on workstations