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Active directory is a familiar term and technology for all IT professionals. All corporations heavily use it for handling data and networks. It was first released on Windows 2000 server and has gone under several upgrades over the years to improve its operations. However, it runs on the same Modus Operandi that was first introduced.
An active directory runs to manage the AD objects registered under it and effectively allocate network resources to all users and AD objects. In modern times, admins have access to many third-party tools for creating new domains, OUs, managing and monitoring users in a domain, etc. The ADSI edit has a similar role as the registry editor.


ADSI Edit is an active directory management tool that allows the software to monitor, make changes or delete AD objects from a particular operational unit present in the active directory.

Steps of AD editing using ADSI Edit tool

  1. Choose ADSI edit from the Active Directory’s server manager tools menu.
    Active Directory server manager tool
  2. After you connect ADSI edit to your active directory, you will see something like figure 2.
    ADSI edit

  3. You can now access all the files from your local active directory. Make changes to the AD objects, delete them or reorganize them as per the network.

Advantages of ADSI edit

The main advantage that the ADSI edit provides is to bypass all failsafe measures that have been deployed to protect the registry as any wrong, and faulty changes could directly impact the windows server as AD itself is a form of registry. It allows the admin to quickly bypass these windows safety measures and change any AD object registered in that active directory. This tool could be beneficial when there’s an error in the active directory, and the logical hierarchy of the organization gets affected (e.g., when an AD object is placed in a network, it shouldn’t be in). These are some issues that not all software made for active directories can solve profoundly, making this tool crucial.


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