Agile Project Manager Job Description (JD) Sample


The Agile Project Manager (APM) provides high-quality technical solutions that support critical business strategies on time. The APM helps to guide a cross-functional development team through all stages of product development, from discovery to development to product launch. To consistently produce high-quality software releases, the APM employs a toolbox of Agile practices, Project Management processes, and facilitation skills. The APM is responsible for developing agile plans, reporting status to management, resolving critical issues, and assembling a solid project team. The APM is a leadership team member that drives process improvements, particularly Agile improvements, throughout the Software Team.


  • The project team leads all phases of the Software Development process and the agile developer has to participate in the same.
  • The candidate must have good problem-solving skills and must be able to provide better solutions.
  • Identifies and drives continuous improvement initiatives within the project team.
  • Proactively identifies and assists in resolving issues that impact team sprint commitments.
  • Reports overall project status to management and key stakeholders regularly, escalating major issues as needed.
  • Maintains a project repository containing both historical and current project information.
  • Facilitates team meetings and other day-to-day team activities as needed.
  • Makes sure that the team is fully functional, cooperating, and productive.
  • Protects the team from outside interference and removes obstacles.
  • Manages and administers the project’s business relationships with external consultants and third parties, ensuring they meet their project obligations.
  • Improvements to project management, software development, and other organizational processes are suggested and implemented.
  • Together with the Product Owner and Development Manager, he provides a clear vision to the project team and fosters a positive team environment.

Education Qualification and experience

It is a must to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science(CS) Engineering or a related technical field. The candidate should have more than two years of experience as a Scrum Master on software development projects. Advanced understanding of the lifecycle of software development and two years of expertise as a Scrum master/project manager and delivery

Work hours and Benefits

Agile Developer is a full-time position available to all employees. As numerous certifications are available, it is better to have certifications in the same field. Several years of experience in a specific area will always be considered advantageous. The salary range begins at Rs. 8-28 lakh per year, and it will be higher if the candidate has more experience in the field. The Developer can expect extra benefits, including health travel and basic accommodation. The candidate (female) will be eligible for maternity leave whenever required.


The candidate must prepare with his skills and expertise according to the selected job description. The candidate must prepare a strong resume by adding some SEO words to pass on the first round of the resume selection process . after this, the person must focus on soft skills and have good communication skills to pass the interview. One can make space for the agile job role after the hiring process.



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