Agile Project Manager Quiz

Welcome to our Agile Project Manager Quiz! If you’re looking to test your knowledge of agile project management, one of the most popular approaches to software development and project management, you’ve come to the right place. Our quiz covers a wide range of topics, from agile principles and practices to project planning, estimation, and monitoring. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced agile project manager, our quiz will challenge you and help you hone your skills. Plus, taking our quiz is a great way to prepare for job interviews or certification exams. So, get ready to put your agile project management knowledge to the test and see how well you do!


Agile Project Manager Quiz

Test your knowledge of agile project management, one of the most popular approaches to software development and project management, with our comprehensive Agile Project Manager Quiz.

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Which is the end product of a sprint?

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In the SDLC model, the process executes in

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To develop fault-free software, what is important

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The coding activity in XP includes

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Which is the program that is constructed to explore the solution suitability?

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XP is based on

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Which of the following is a disadvantage of Agile?

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______ is a set of conventions that a team agrees to follow.

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How many phases are there in scrum?

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______ is Agile approach value?

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What is used to measure the size of a user story of an Agile Project?

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Sprint review is the

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Daily scrum means

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What is the typical length of a sprint?

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What are sprints?

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The meeting of the current sprint is led by

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Organize the backlog ceremony is the responsibility of

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The artifacts of scrum are

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The increment is also referred as

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Which scrum artifact is called the “To-Do” list of the team?

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What are scrum artifacts?

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________ is a robust software framework of the agile model.

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_____ is a framework for getting work done.

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In agile, development is done by

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Agile is ___________.

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Agile is a combination of

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Which application gives an agile project distribution structure?

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This agile model was primarily made to handle

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Which of the following is an agile development process that manages tasks in team-based?

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The agile model came into existence to overcome the drawback of the ________ model.


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