Airwatch Agent (MDM)

Airwatch Agent is a central console for an administrator to onboard end-user devices, deploy applications to end-users, and provide them with access to corporate resources. Thus, creating an integrated digital workspace solution. The user experience is enhanced and simplified through a single app, boosting productivity and creativity.


The employees can remotely access corporate data on unsecured personal devices through local networks. This is done by creating many endpoint security challenges resulting from cloud technology and mobile capabilities development.

Traditionally, employees were required to connect to a VPN to access corporate resources and remember multiple IDs and passwords. This represented multiple security challenges and needs for Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) solutions. EMM solution is a modern approach to counter sophisticated security threats. It manages and secures all endpoint devices on a single platform, remotely deploying applications and providing users with safe access to company resources.

Airwatch is an Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) solution providing Unified Endpoint Management(UEM) with Mobile Device Management(MDM) and Mobile Application Management(MAM) capabilities. The enterprise IT team can remotely manage and secure all employee devices, deploy applications and notifications, and provide secure access to company resources to end-users.

Airwatch Agent is a central console under Airwatch products. It allows administrators to onboard end-user devices, deploy applications to end-users, and provide them with access to corporate resources. Thus, creating an integrated digital workspace solution. The user experience is enhanced and simplified through a single app, boosting productivity and creativity.


Airwatch Agent

A single destination is offered by Airwatch Agent, where users can securely access, discover, connect with, and act on workflow, corporate resources, and teams. Airwatch Agent is installed on iOS and Android devices, and a new app icon displays on user devices with Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration settings. A full digital workspace experience for users is provided for cloud-hosted deployments.

Airwatch Agent is a single application providing employees access to the company application catalog and single sign-on (SSO) to access corporate resources without connecting to VPN.

A single console for administrators is provided to register and control all devices through Mobile Device Management(MDM) capabilities simplifying the onboarding process. After downloading and registering themselves on the app, users can securely access enterprise databases and resources. The admin has to approve the user request and add the device to the list of enrolled devices.


Employees are better interconnected with powerful collaboration and sharing capabilities by call, messages on company social, or by emailing colleagues in a single touch, with access to the corporate directory. For exclusive projects, while maintaining an order of hierarchy, groups can be created. A common bulletin board is provided to keep employees updated about all developments and up to date with company policies. The user experience is enhanced and simplified with a single sign-on for the unified app catalog allowing access to Enterprise apps, SAas based applications, and app store.


Airwatch MDM Agent Key Features

A single destination where employees can have an enhanced user experience with enterprise app catalog, unified onboarding, and access to services such as People, Home, and Notifications. Employee engagement and productivity are enhanced through a single app and provides an easily integrated digital workspace solution.

The key features of Airwatch MDM Agent are:

  • Streamlined Onboarding: A consistent experience is offered across all devices such as BYOD corporate devices and multiple operating platforms (mobile, desktop, and web).
  • Powerful Collaboration tools: Integrated Email, calendar, and company social are some of the powerful collaboration tools offered to help employees stay connected at all times.
  • Connectivity: Access company directory to call, message, or mail a colleague offering connectivity anywhere, anytime. Messages can be sent with a single click via native mail or Airwatch Inbox. Groups can be created and resources shared.
  • Single Sign-On provides access to company intranet and resources and unified app catalog(SaaS, mobile, VDI, and native apps). There is no need for employees to connect to VPN or remember multiple passwords and IDs, boosting productivity and creativity.
  • Central Remote Management: Admin can easily remotely onboard devices from a central console and deploy applications and notifications to enrolled devices,
  • Company Bulletin: Keep the employees updated about recent developments with smart notifications for corporate communications and actionable items under a “For you” section.
  • Windows rugged devices are provided with MDM capabilities.
  • Self-Service Portal: Most frequently asked questions on onboarding and troubleshooting answered with KB articles. Guided help to registering and controlling new devices with AVA, the company’s virtual assistant.
  • Smart notifications: Get notified with app notifications and improve productivity wherever the user goes with custom notifications in alerts, downtimes, and survey participation. Actionable approvals, new apps and updates, and corporate communications can be easily set up.
  • Accessibility: Search by first name, last name, or email address through the corporate directory and view employee details such as email addresses, photos, titles, office location, phone numbers, and reporting structures.


Instructions for Activation

Download Airwatch Agent

  1. The designation of the user should be the administrator and not a user on the network.
  2. Access through a browser portal.
  3. Navigate to the download button and click on windows 10 OS
  4. A pop-up window that shows that the program is downloading opens. Open the folder containing the download after it has finished.
  5. Navigate to the setup icon. A window showing installation pops up.
  6. Navigate to the UAC button in setup. The admin login credentials have to be entered. After the purchase of the software, the credentials are received by mail.
  7. At all steps of installation, default has to be selected.
  8. Select the Finish button after the installation is complete. The software takes some time to boot.

Enrolling into Airwatch Agent

  1. The mail ID credentials have to be entered. After the purchase of the software, the credentials are received via mail.
  2. A duo prompts Two-factor authentication. To start enrollment, complete two-factor authentication.
  3.  To improve functionality, the company asks if users will share data anonymously. ” I agree” is optional.
  4. The device is successfully enrolled with Airwatch computer management and is available in the list of programs and system trays.

Device enrollment into AirWatch (Android)

Steps before beginning:

  • Following instructions specific to the device, back it up.
  • Remove VMware email account from the device if one is also present (AirWatch will add a secured VMware Email account) If the device manufacturer is Samsung, HTC, LG, or Sony.

Install and Configure AirWatch agent

  • In the app store on the device, search for Airwatch Agent, and download it.
  • Select Email Address as the authentication method after opening the AirWatch Agent App.
  • The user is redirected to the Airwatch Single Sign-On page.
  • The agent/browser walks through the steps after the authentication is successful.

Complete Email Setup

  1. If Samsung, HTC, LG, or Sony is not the device manufacturer:

Update the VMware email account settings for Microsoft Exchange Server as “” (exclude quotes), including email & password, if the user already has an Airwatch account.

  1. Follow device-specific email account instructions with the following details If the user does not have an email account set up already.


Microsoft Exchange Server:


What information does Airwatch Collect from the device

Corporate-owned devices are watched around the clock, including Internet history and messaging seen and logged.  Unless otherwise noted, no anonymity or right to privacy can be expected for corporate devices and used explicitly for work.

For Bring Your Own Devices, within corporations and even some government entities, Airwatch MDM   does not steal all personal information and forbids the company to browse through it all like a page-turner novel. Airwatch MDM aims to protect sensitive corporate information around the user with the device in pocket 24/7. The agent provides protection and secure access to corporate servers wherever and whenever they want to on endpoint devices such as email and documentation.

What Airwatch cannot collect

Airwatch cannot collect GPS location and is not tracking your every location and keeping a log of it. Some companies/corporations may require users to track their GPS 24/7/365, and AirWatch cannot track GPS information. The settings have to be configured to collect location, and the user has to agree to terms and conditions in that case. For corporate-owned devices, it can be mandatory.

Airwatch cannot also collect personal information and metadata on such items as personal text messages, iMessage, personal emails, SMS, MMS, phone calls, voice messages, or FaceTime messages, etc.

What Airwatch can collect

The Airwatch behavior is different depending on the BYOD device or corporate device. No assurance of privacy is provided on corporate devices with Airwatch as the MDM. For employers who don’t want their corporate information accessed by an unauthorized individual, the GPS location is monitored at all times. In case the device gets lost or stolen, the administrator can remotely wipe or lock the device.


To ensure the user complies with the IT rules for devices, the Airwatch Agent is downloaded and installed on the device, which will keep the IT department up-to-date on information about the status of the user device. Information like the device version and if it’s rooted or not is also provided. Push notifications are enabled to the user devices from the administrator console, allowing the IT team to remove certain apps for maintenance, shut all devices down, etc. Telecom data such as data used, wifi statistics, and more can be collected and analyzed to avoid overages. (Note: Applicable only for corporate devices and not BYOD devices).


Difference between Airwatch Agent and Intelligence Hub

The Difference between Airwatch Agent and Intelligence Hub is in their interaction and usability. The Airwatch Agent is not as interactive as Intelligence Hub with the users. Airwatch Agent is focused more on admin, whereas Intelligence Hub focuses both on admin and users. There is a difference in branding where the Intelligent Hub is a hexagon, with three distinct corners highlighted in the dark blue without letters or words. The Airwatch Agent app is represented as a shield with “AW” in the middle. The Airwatch Agent collected info and maintained a profile on the device after being simply installed. Intelligence Hib is more custom-centric, serving and providing features for users as well instead of just administrators.


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