Airwatch Boxer and Airwatch Inbox

Airwatch boxer and AirWatch inbox are powerful collaboration tools offered by Airwatch. They provide enterprise-grade security to corporate email frameworks while maintaining a user-grade experience with unique customization.


Emails are the backbone of communication in any enterprise as they are efficient, reliable, fast, and simple to use. Emails also have the most sensitive enterprise information like attachments and documents, among other things. Traditionally, users are required to log in to the enterprise intranet by connecting to a VPN to access mail. Although protection is offered against external threats, users can still forward mails to a third-party cloud, download and save files, or copy-paste information to other devices. Most mails have URLs that, when clicked, may contain malicious scripts posing a threat to the entire company mail database. Also, connecting to VPN to view mail every time is a tedious and complex process for employees. Since operating systems optimize device performance, background app refresh performance is hindered, and users receive notifications at irregular times.

Airwatch boxer and inbox provide email management capabilities with enterprise-grade security while maintaining a user-friendly experience. They also provide the admin with special customizations and configurations which can be deployed to endpoint systems.

What is Airwatch Boxer

Airwatch boxer is an enterprise mail management system with enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade experience, offering configurations and customization suiting the company’s requirements.

Airwatch offers one of the best UX. It has been described as “precise and blazing fast” by the Airwatch CTO Noah Wasmer. Inbox can be customized in unique ways to suit user requirements. These include using a Single Sign-On to login to enterprise mail without connecting to VPN, swipe gestures to quickly browse through inbox, preloaded and user-created templates to reply on the go. Actions can be taken by selecting multiple emails and card-like optional views to flip through emails quickly. Boxer also offers integrated calendar access, customizable settings, and optional bulk action functionality. Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning makes folder suggestions based on past user actions. An intuitive user experience is provided based on native design patterns.

Airwatch Boxer also provides the admin with unique customizations and configurations, ensuring enterprise-grade security with AES 256-bit encryption. It complies with the company security policy, taking security and interface features and wrapping them into one enterprise app. Airwatch has features of containerization, built-in compliance, and data leakage protection to provide micromanagement. Containerization separates enterprise data from personal data and enables admin control over enterprise data and apps on user devices while personal data is protected as per user data protection guidelines. Airwatch boxer can be integrated with the existing corporate email framework. Data leakage protection protects enterprise data by access control. They give users view-only options on mail, preventing mails from being forwarded outside to third-party cloud servers and allowing users to browse through the mail securely. Boxer can be deployed on-premise or cloud-based or a hybrid model and integrated with Office 365 and Exchange services.


Benefits of using Airwatch boxer

Airwatch boxer offers a variety of features for admin, offering enterprise-grade security with AES 256-bit encryption while keeping the consumer-centric focus on mobile productivity. Admin can micromanage the devices with various features. These include containerization, built-in compliance, and data leakage protection. Access control and mail configuration allow the admin to secure the corporate email framework. End-users may have view-only privileges, and no files or mail could be saved or share outside the company network. A smooth and customer-focused UX design allows users to customize mail applications to their unique requirements. Scrolling, taking actions on multiple mails, prompt push notifications on received mail, creating favorite templates for a reply on the go with gesture-controlled features, and card-like display are among other features offered for users. The following are key benefits of Airwatch Boxer:

Benefits of Airwatch for Enterprise

  • Can be integrated with existing enterprise email framework
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Containerization: Segregate enterprise and user data, maintaining complete control over company data and resources while maintaining user privacy and protecting personal data.
  • Data loss protection: Protects sharing or saving of enterprise data to third-party cloud servers by providing users with view-only options.
  • Protection against malicious scripts: Many URLs shared may contain links to malware. These URLs are converted to plain text, and the enterprise network is accessed through a safe browser.
  • Cloud deployment or on-premise deployment or hybrid model and can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange services.

Benefits of Airwatch for Users

  • User intuitive experience with integration of mail, calendar, and contacts on a single platform allowing users to respond to mail, manage calendar, and getting in touch with colleagues on the go.
  • Gesture control is available at the bottom right of the screen to quickly swipe through the inbox.
  • Create, edit or use pre-installed templates for the reply on the go. Favorite templates can be created.
  • Bulk action on mails by selecting multiple emails can be done. Taking swipe gestures or choosing the grid option on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Update availability by browsing through calendar dates, choosing dates of choice, select checkmarks s, and share with colleagues.
  • Single click sign-in to corporate meetings without the need to remember multiple passwords and access codes is possible.
  • View mails in a modern card-like display or chooses a traditional view. Click Conversation View under settings for this feature.
  • Stay on top of your schedule with full-featured calendar management allowing users to create and manage events, view calendar attachments, send meeting invites, and view the availability of colleagues inside the boxer app.


Airwatch Inbox

Airwatch Inbox is an email client which is secured with AES-256 bit encryption and containerized. Segregation of personal and corporate data is done through containerization. Allowing the admin complete control over enterprise apps and data while protecting user’s personal information as per guidelines on BYOD devices can be done by containerization too. Advanced data loss prevention capabilities while maintaining consumer-centric focus on UX design, providing user-friendly experience with Single Sign-On and access on the go capabilities. Integrated calendar and contacts for easy management on a single platform.

Airwatch Inbox does not work without Airwatch infrastructure and works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console.


  • Users have to download Airwatch Inbox from the app store.
  • Admin should first enrol the device by AirWatch® Agent v4.0.1010 or above.
  • Airwatch Inbox configures itself as per the profile set by the IT team, and some additional inputs are asked.
  • The steps should be complied with as prescribed by the IT team for login. Contacts calendar and mail start syncing after successful login.


  • Create, edit and delete contacts
  • Password/pin authentication for better security
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Global Address List to search for contacts
  • Chronological list of events for every day
  • Search for email by ‘To’ and ‘Subject’ tags.
  • View, create, manage, and send invites.
  • Use filters to classify mail as unread flagged or high priority
  • HTML email is supported
  • Attachments can be previewed before opening


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