Android Developer Job Description (JD) Sample


An Android developer is a professional software developer who works with the Android operating system. The majority of an Android developer’s work revolves around creating apps for our smartphones and tablets. Java powers Android developers, so many Android developers will also be proficient Java developers. Android developers may specialize in many different areas of app development, like games, fitness, IoT devices, etc. Android developers are developing and improving the phone’s functionality by adding many new functions. Which automatically increases the use of smartphones. Every android developer has many duties, including designing apps, implementing existing ones, bug fixing, and crate practicing apps for the team as a part of junior training developers and going through coding guidelines.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • I am designing and developing clean coding algorithms to build smartphone apps with the Android operating system.
  • Maintain and monitor the functionality of existing apps.
  • Every programmer should go through optimizing applications by looking into core codes and making changes if necessary.
  • Ensure that the design and presentation of your apps adhere to the company’s standards.
  • CollaborationCollaborate with UI designers, other team members, and software testers to ensure each app is in perfect working order.
  • Creating proper app updates and handling bug fixes and other additional features.
  • Working with the designers to turn design templates into working apps.
  • Developers closely monitor market activity for new updates to their apps.

Working hours and Benefits

An Android developer is a full-time job employment service. The Android developer has the choice to work at an office or do a remote job. It depends on the company profile. Android developers are proficient in many other coding languages. They also know Python, Java, HTML, and other languages. They provide customer support facilities to their users. An Android developer should be skilled, team-spiritual, and have good communication skills. The primary pay output of the Android developer will vary from their previous year’s experience with the company and apps they have previously developed. Android developers have earned so many benefits and incentives provided by the companies because Android developers are the basis of everything in the IT industry. The salary range is between Rs. 6 to 12 lakh per annum.

Education and Experience

Android developers have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Even if the candidates are not engineering graduates, they can enter this field with diplomas in computer science and a certificate in Android programming. The programmers should only become experts in their field by handling live projects, which gives them experience in coding behavior and fixing bugs. They should have experience and the ability to use Android Studio, including the Android SDK. Most developers are familiar with Android design, like MVP, MVC, etc., and have good programming knowledge. Every android developer must have a minimum of 1–7 years of experience in their field. They should have the ability to manage their workload with minimum supervision.


To get hired by the top IT companies, the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria of the companies, which is only through research and excellent CV or resume-building skills. The candidate should read the above job description details, which help you to build the resume accordingly and get noticed by the companies, get an interview call from the company, and finally get hired as an android developer.


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