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The operating system is considered the core heart of any smartphone, even the one you are using right now. Without an operating system, your phone would be nothing but a set of codes, stringed in code language. Out of the many operating systems implemented today, Android OS is one of the most renowned and widely used software across the globe. In 2015, more than 1300 smartphone brands were powered by the Android OS and today brands such as Samsung and Oneplus are the leading companies in the mobile technology industry, hosted by the Android OS.

What Is the Android Operating System?

The Android Operating system, developed by the Open handset alliance and led by Google Incorporation, is an operating system that is essentially used in devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables etc. it is primarily a Linux based software that is optimized to provide users with simplicity and accessibility when using their smart devices. like all operating systems, the Android OS employs its application known as the ‘play store’ which allows android users to download their demanded applications from a  plethora of options. It also has its UI (user interface) which differentiates Android from other operating systems.

Android Operating System vs. Apple iOS

The war of operating systems has been a very prevalent topic of debate for a long time now. a vast majority of the society prefers the Android OS and another large group of individuals believes iOS to be a much superior system in comparison to android. matter of fact, the Apple iOS and Android OS have been one of the most popular and dominant systems in the smartphone industry however, both systems differ from each other on several grounds

  • android holds a much larger market share compared to the iOS. According to International data corporation, the Android OS held 84.8% of the market where iOS stood at a much lower rank at 15.2%, last recorded in December 2020. This is simply because iOS is only available and used in apple’s devices such as iPhones, iPads, i-watches whereas, android OS is implemented across many smartphone brands
  • android is also notorious for user accessibility and easy-to-use interface as Android allows the user to be creative and personalize their own devices. unlike iOS, a vast majority of users have also complained about difficulties locomoting and surfing on an iOS device.

Limitations of the Android Operating System

However, even android does have some drawbacks too. Android is comparatively slower than its competitor  iOS. a major reason behind this drawback is that the android developers heavily focus on providing more features and freedom for the user which, the OS becomes heavy for low-end devices and results in lags and heating issues. also, unlike Apple iOS, the software needs frequent updates as developers often need to code and remove multiple bugs in the javascript, which could affect user experience and earn a bad name for Android OS.

Android Operating System Security

security has also been a paramount concern for the android developers and they have also done a commendable task on improving the security measure on the operating system. from Donut (Android 1.6) to Marshmello (Android 6.0) it has implemented several means to ensure optimum security, for instance: two-step verification introduced by Google, which allows users to access their data and google accounts only if they pass the two-step verification. each android device is also equipped with a background security check and internet firewall which protects the device from harmful sites and malware codes that may have penetrated the operating system. For corporates, Android OS is also fully optimized to establish corporate laws and policies in employee devices for mobile device management and security breach prevention.



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