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Welcome to our Android Quiz! Android is Google’s mobile operating system that powers millions of smartphones and tablets worldwide. Whether you’re an Android developer, user, or just interested in the platform, this quiz will challenge your knowledge of Android concepts, features, and best practices. With a mix of multiple choice and scenario-based questions, you’ll be tested on topics like app development, user interface design, device compatibility, and more. So, let’s get started and see how well you know Android!


Android Quiz

Test your knowledge of Android concepts, features, and best practices with our interactive quiz!

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Which thread is temporarily inactive and in which state the thread is

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getIndex() of Patternsyntax exception class is

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Which of the following is not the Matcher class method?

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On which method the fragment becomes active?

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Which class is used to perform match operations on text using patterns

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Java.util.regx package contains _______ classes and ____ interface.

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A piece of activity can also be called as

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Regular expressions are provided under which package?

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Content provider mostly store their data in

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To check if the email is valid or not, which API can we use

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_______ is used to send data in android.

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A service is _______ when an application component binds to it by calling Bindservice.

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Which XML attribute is used to define how child views are positioned in the layout?

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A service has _____ states.

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Which is a base class for layouts and layout parameters that hold other viewGroups?

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Which is the first callback when an activity is created?

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Which of the following is not a feature of the Linux kernel?

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_______ is the heart of android architecture.

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Array can be accessed from _______ class.

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Which platform library supports playing and recording audio and video?

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Which file contains all the text of applications?

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Which is the top layer of android architecture?

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Which file is the root of the application, and are all components declared in the file?

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________ provides a platform for running an android application.

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Who provides data from one application to another on request?

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Which programming language was used to build Android?

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Which is the component that runs in the background to perform long-running applications?

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In which year the first android device was launched

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How does activity class is implemented

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Which company developed android


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