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Aneka is a platform for deploying cloud applications and software. It provides a runtime environment and APIs that allow developers to make .NET applications. Aneka supports platform as service(PAAS). Aneka provides developers with several APIs to exploit these resources by expressing the application logic with various programming abstractions and extensions. Aneka is a cloud middleware product and handles messaging, application service, authentication, management, etc. Aneka supports different public, private, and hybrid cloud models. Let us learn about Aneka in cloud computing and grab some information about its architecture.

Architecture of Aneka

Aneka is a platform and framework that collects physical and virtualized resources for developing applications on the cloud. Aneka provides a rich set of APIs and extensions for developers. It uses PCs and devices on demand for multiplex-based computing; each resource is hosted at multiple instances representing distributed applications’ runtime.

In Aneka, cloud computing is a collection of physical and virtual resources to execute grid infrastructure shared or connected via the Internet. The services divide into the fabric, foundation, and execution services. Fabric services (A distributed system platform) directly interact with the node through the Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL), which addresses the heterogeneity and performs hardware profiling and dynamic resource provisioning applications. Foundational and executional services identify the core system of the Aneka middleware, providing a set of basic features to enable Aneka containers to perform and execute applications in the cloud.

Features of Aneka

  • Aneka PaaS supports private clouds using VMware, Citrix Zen Server, and public Cloud such as Amazon EC2, GoGrid Cloud, Windows Azure, etc.
  • Aneka provides fast deployment and development of applications in multiple runtime environments. In very high demand, Aneka provisions VMs via private clouds (Xen or VMWare) or Public Clouds (Amazon EC2).
  • The pricing models of Aneka PaaS provide flexible pricing strategies that benefit both the application’s end-users and the service providers.
  • Aneka provides multiple programming models, such as Task Programming, Thread Programming, and MapReduce Programming to cover different application scenarios.
  • Aneka offers dynamic provisioning, which we can use to leverage resources dynamically for scaling up and down Aneka Clouds, controlling the lifetime of virtual nodes by establishing connections through instances.


Aneka in Cloud computing has helped open more services, products, and opportunities to grow the industry. Even the pricing models are also cost-friendly and flexible to choose from. Due to multiple runtime features, the demand has increased.

Aneka containers on Windows Azure Worker Role


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