Angular Js Interview Questions


To declare static documents, HTML is a great option, but for declaring dynamic views in web applications, we have to look into Angular Js.

Angular Js is a toolset for building the framework that suits web app development. It is a fully extensible framework and works well with other libraries.

This article will provide you with all types of interview questions related to Angular Js.

Angular Js Interview Questions for freshers

  1. Define Angular Js and their main features.
  2. Define scope in Angular Js.
  3. What do services represent in Angular Js?
  4. Define Directives.
  5. Explain the process of data binding process in Angular Js.
  6. What is the purpose of interpolation in Angular Js
  7. How will you integrate Angular Js with HTML?
  8. Explain $rootScope in Angular Js application.
  9. What is the difference between ng-if and ng-show directives?
  10. What is the use of $watch?
  11. Explain scope hierarchy.
  12. Explain an Angular Js module.
  13. Name the format that Angular Js support to populate data.
  14. Explain the key benefit of the factory method.
  15. Which symbol is used as a built-in object prefix in Angular Js?
  16. Explain the scope of the scope object.
  17. Name the operator that combines filters in Angular Js expressions.
  18. Name the entity that is used for validating Angular Js forms.
  19. Explain Model-view-controller in context with Angular Js.
  20. Is Angular Js dependent on JQuery?
  21. Name the IDEs that are currently used for the development of Angular Js.
  22. Elaborate Currency filter in Angular Js? Explain its use.
  23. What do you know about Dependency injection in Angular Js?
  24. Explain the term ‘Validation of data’ in Angular Js.
  25. Define the Linking function with its types.
  26. What is an injector?
  27. Explain the purpose of finding the index in Angular Js.
  28. What will the code return if no index value is found?
  29. Is it possible to set an Angular Js from the PHP session variable without sending an HTTP request?
  30. What do you understand by strict conceptual escaping?
  31. How can we make an ajax call using Angular Js?
  32. What is the process of implementing internationalization in Angular Js?
  33. Explain deep linking in Angular Js.
  34. Describe the boot process in Angular Js.
  35. Is it possible to have two ng-app directives for a single Angular application?
  36. Write the syntax for creating a new date object.
  37. Explain the primary purpose of $routeProvider in Angular Js.
  38. Explain the process of Auto Bootstrap in Angular Js.
  39. Explain the process of Manual Bootstrap in Angular Js.
  40. What are the different types of directives available in Angular Js?
  41. Explain the compilation process of Angular Js.
  42. What is the Global API in Angular Js?
  43. Do Angular Js suit well with all browsers?
  44. How can users set, get, and clear cookies in Angular Js?
  45. Name the various DSL animation functions in Angular Js.
  46. What do you mean by isolated unit tests?
  47. What is an Ahead of time compilation?
  48. What are templates in Angular Js?
  49. How will you convert a string into currency?
  50. What is a Traceur Compiler?

Angular Js Interview Questions for Experienced

  1. Explain the key differences between the expression of Angular Js and Javascript.
  2. List the various scope characteristics of Angular Js.
  3. Explain the accomplishment of the double mouse click.
  4. How will you reset a $timeout and disable a $watch()?
  5. Explain the use of the findIndex() method.
  6. What does the findIndex() method return if the value is not found?
  7. Can a parent controller access the methods and properties of the child controller?
  8. Explain the importance of track by in the ng-repeat directive.
  9. What do you know about the permitted values of the restrict attribute?
  10. Compare and contrast compile and link in Angular Js.
  11. Explain the working of routing in Angular Js.
  12. How will you send HTTP POST requests in Angular Js?
  13. Explain the importance of $ the location service.
  14. Highlight the importance of orderBy.
  15. What is the main use of ng-include?
  16. Is it possible to create nested controllers?
  17. What are Angular Js filters?
  18. What do you know about the digest phase in Angular Js?
  19. Explain the different phases of the lifecycle of the Angular Js scope.
  20. What are the various methods to improve the performance of an Angular Js application?
  21. What is the main difference between the scopes of a directive and the scopes of a controller?
  22. How will you maintain logs in Angular Js?
  23. Explain the process of achieving internationalization.
  24. Explain the process of auto bootstrap.
  25. Explain the lifecycle hooks available.
  26. Explain the difference between the $ and the $$ prefixes.
  27. Explain the term ‘ViewEncapsulation’ in Angular Js.
  28. What are pipes in Angular Js?
  29. Explain parameterized pipes in Angular Js.
  30. What is an Angular CLI?
  31. What are the important parts of Angular Js metadata?
  32. What is transclusion in Angular Js?
  33. Explain ngOnlnit() function?
  34. Define ECMAScript.
  35. What do you know about ngzone?
  36. Highlight some differences between Angular7 and Angular 8.
  37. What is an Angular Js Material?
  38. What is an Authentication?
  39. Write down the basic requirement to work with Angular Js.
  40. Explain the digest cycle in Angular Js.
  41. Explain immediately invoked function expressions.
  42. Explain the concept of webpack.
  43. What is a single-page application in Angular Js?
  44. Write down the syntax for the factory method in Angular Js.
  45. What do you understand about Browser Object Model?
  46. Mention some common Angular Global API functions.
  47. Name the component of Angular Js that can be injected as a dependency.
  48. Is Angular Js extensible?
  49. Define provider in context with Angular Js.
  50. What is a constant?


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