Angular Js Job Description (JD) Sample


Angular Js have highly experienced JavaScript programmers. Many businesses need an Angular JS program to create dynamic web applications with various functionalities to beat the competition. Angular JS’s coding scripts specialize in developing single-page applications (SPAs). They build websites and web applications so that everything the user wants to see on the online platform will be visible to the public with the help of their coding techniques. Some essential duties of every Angular Js developer include writing and documenting the testing of the program in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and so forth and proper management decisions for the Angular Js projects. The developer candidates have experience in the theoretical knowledge of some software programs, which are necessary for all engineers in the computer science field. When the candidate wants to excel in the Angular Js job role, then they should first learn the front-end developer skills and further knowledge that automatically increases with experience.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Angular JS is an open-source web framework that helps businesses quickly develop and launch web apps.
  • Angular JS programs skills and knowledge are required for designing and developing interfaces.
  • Consultation and coordination with the design team to modify or design a web or mobile application.
  • Providing technical support to the team members.
  • The web services that help us optimize mobile or web applications.
  • Proper backend support services to the clients and their users.
  • Proper testing of the web application at regular intervals of time is essential for the smooth running of the programs.
  • The developers want to participate regularly in the continuous improvement programs.

Work hours and benefits

The Angular JS developers are full-time employees. The software developers are very hard-working and have deep knowledge of their subjects. The Angular JS developers are a workflow between the graphic designer, JavaScript coder, and many more programmers, which will be combined to make a web or mobile application and be regularly used for maintaining and monitoring the web application. They have excellent knowledge of object-oriented design, web architecture, and so forth. The main thing for the Angular JS developers is that they discuss their project with the project manager or other team members to develop or implement the changes. The basic salary range varies on the developer’s experience, and the average package ranges between 7 and 15 lakh per annum, with variations in salary based on the knowledge and ability of the developer.

Education and Experience

The Angular JS developer has at least a bachelor’s degree in the computer science field. Candidates with Angular Js experience have an advantage in the job market. Most developers are familiar with JavaScript development tools and also manage projects. They have expertise in developing front-end and back-end support facilities for web applications, which experienced developers provide. Angular JS developers have extensive experience with (SPAs). The top quality for a software engineer developer should be to provide a high-quality result to clients or users while finishing the project on time.


The Angular Js candidate has to prepare their resume or CV according to the requirements and needs so that the company can easily pick up the candidate profile, match it with the eligibility criteria and conditions, and send the notifications for the interview. After passing this final round of selection, they successfully hired the candidate for the Angular Js role.


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