Angular Syllabus


The Angular Coding Syllabus is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to master Angular development. From the basics of TypeScript and Angular concepts, to advanced techniques for building scalable and efficient applications, this comprehensive syllabus covers all aspects of Angular coding. Optimized for SEO, it will help you develop the skills you need to advance your career as an Angular developer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this syllabus has everything you need to succeed.

Angular Syllabus

Here is a possible syllabus for an Angular course:

  1. Introduction to Angular
  • Overview of Angular and its features
  • Setting up the development environment for Angular
  • Understanding the Angular CLI and its commands
  1. Angular Fundamentals
  • Understanding components, modules, and services in Angular
  • Creating and using components and services
  • Implementing data binding and event handling
  • Understanding and using directives and pipes
  1. Angular Forms
  • Understanding template-driven and reactive forms in Angular
  • Creating and using forms in Angular
  • Implementing form validation and error handling
  1. Angular Routing
  • Understanding the Angular Router and its configuration
  • Implementing routing in Angular applications
  • Creating and using guards and resolvers
  1. Angular HTTP Client
  • Understanding the Angular HTTP Client and its features
  • Sending HTTP requests and handling responses using the Angular HTTP Client
  • Implementing error handling and retries in HTTP requests
  1. Angular Animations
  • Understanding Angular animations and their usage
  • Implementing animations in Angular applications
  1. Angular Testing
  • Understanding Angular testing and its components
  • Writing and executing unit tests in Angular using Karma and Jasmine
  • Writing and executing end-to-end tests in Angular using Protractor
  1. Angular Deployment
  • Understanding Angular deployment and its options
  • Deploying Angular applications to various environments such as production, development, and test

Note: This syllabus is just a suggestion and can be modified based on the instructor’s preference or specific needs of the course.

Where to learn Angular?

You can learn Angular here.



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