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Apple Configurator, the descendant of iPhone Configuration Utility, is a mac OS application builds up by Apple Inc. for rapid and simple operation of Apple devices in several companies. With Apple Configurator, one can plan, consign and organize iOS gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV using objective USB hubs. Apple Configurator paired with Device Enrollment Program mechanizes MDM registration and Volume Purchase Program to flawlessly handle iOS devices.

What is Apple Configurator?

Apple Configurator is a free Mac OS X tool for designing and organizing iOS devices in the project by a physical USB correlation.

What can we achieve with Apple Configurator?

The main function of the Apple Configurator app is to permit IT administrators to arrange the settings on iPhones and iPads before progressing them out to stop users. Administrators can generate configuration outlines, bring in accessible reports from the iPhone disposition benefits, inaugurate explicit service organization reports and implement mobile phone safety guidelines. The Apple Configurator tool also affords some fundamental mobile device management (MDM) potentials, together with gadget swab.

Apple Configurator permits the administrator to craft the profiles or configurations such as secret code guidelines, constraints, Wi-Fi, VPN, and so on. These profiles are supplementary to a pattern device known as Blueprint which can be more pushed to the devices. A physical USB connection between our device and a Mac OS X computer is essential for every deed that is to be executed on our gadget.

With Apple Configurator, we can supervise our devices and add them to DEP, permitting bonus powers for example silent app fitting, web content filtering, security devices in particular mode or multi app mode, set up Global HTTP Proxy and many other facilities to control. It facilitates us to organize several device characteristics and settings which comprise installing configuration profiles and apps, exporting articles or files and device data, updating software etc. Apple Configurator allows various Blueprint design for adding configuration profiles and apps which can be appealed to the device using one pop. It is accessible all over the world on all Mac devices and grants rapid employment of iOS devices as evaluated to that of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.


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