Apple Interview Questions

Apple is a multinational American technology corporation with headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple is the largest technology business by sales, the most excellent company in the world, with a market capitalization of 2022. Also, it is the fourth-largest personal computer vendor and the second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Together with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta- Apple is among the Big Five American IT firms.

Basic questions

  1. How would you handle issues with scalability?
  2. Describe the phases of the insect lifecycle.
  3. Which kinds of testing processes are you adept in?
  4. When would CRUD testing be used?
  5. How well do you comprehend the tracking matrix?
  6. What various SQL connections are there?
  7. Is it feasible to undo the ALTER command’s changes?
  8. How well do you understand the tracking matrix?

Theoretical Questions

  1. What are the main distinctions between the instructions Truncate and Drop?
  2. What do the SELECT and FROM commands do?
  3. What suggestions do you have for Siri’s development?
  4. What does CSS3’s decomposition layer do?
  5. How would you track down the first part in a duplicated string?
  6. In what way do websites display the UI?
  7. What does the front-end developer’s most challenging task?
  8. How would you verify that a particular binary tree is complete?
  9. Create a program to determine if a particular string is a palindrome in its permutations.
  10. Create a function called contains a cycle() that takes the first node in a singly-linked list and returns a boolean indicating whether the list has a process.
  11. Write a program that prints all different permutations of positive integers whose sum is the single target number, given a positive integer and the goal.
  12. Merge the overlapping intervals from a provided list of gaps to produce a list containing mutually exclusive breaks.
  13. In C, describe event-driven programming using an illustration.
  14. How can you tell the high-order bit is a set?

Scenario-based questions

  1. Elaborate modems and routers are to a young person.
  2. Elaborate RAM to a 5-year young person.
  3. There are three crates, one filled with just apples, another with just oranges, and the third with apples and oranges. The labels on the boxes need to be applied and indicate what is inside the package. Pick one piece of fruit by opening just one box without peering inside. How can you correctly label all the boxes by looking at the fruit?
  4. How would you respond if a customer called for technical assistance but had a dinosaur product?
  5. How would you determine whether a binary tree’s left and right nodes were mirror copies of one another?
  6. How would a machine be tested?

Practical questions

  1. What inspired you to work for Apple?
  2. What is your five years goal?
  3. What do you love about working for your current company?
  4. What is your expectation regarding a typical day at Apple?
  5. What qualities do you think are required to succeed in this position?
  6. Where do you see Apple in five and ten years?

HR Interview Questions

  1. Any favorite Apple device and Why?
  2. Did you fail anytime, and How did you bounce back?
  3. Does it happen anytime when you and your manager disagree with each other thoughts? How did you handle it?
  4. What is the action or moment for which you are proud of yourself?
  5. What strategy do you follow to deal with a demanding customer?
  6. Prioritize between fixing a client’s problem or creating the best customer experience with reason.
  7. What was the time you dealt with a situation where an employee resisted your proposal, and how did you handle it? Explain a fascinating issue you have encountered. What was the solution?
  8. Apple is renowned for being choosy regarding allowing applications to be listed in the App Store. Why do you think this is a marketplace benefit or disadvantage?



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