Artificial Intelligence Job Description (JD) Sample


An AI system is a machine that can learn and improve over time. It is made up of many interconnected parts, each with its expertise and knowledge. AI systems can analyze large sets of data to find patterns and features that they can use to improve their performance. Systems or machines that mimic human intelligence and can improve themselves recursively according to the information they gather are known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal and objective of AI, or advanced information processing, is to program computer expert systems. For example, recognize fingerprints for security purposes, solve problems, speak in an excellent human tone, etc. They use various programming languages such as Python, C++, and others to develop software that meets the project requirements. Your primary responsibilities in AI technologies will be to collect and analyze data sets to identify patterns and develop predictive models.

Job Requirements and Responsibility

  • AI technologies are used as chat robots, which are used to solve the customer’s queries and are mainly used by e-commerce sites for quickly responding.
  • Innovative assistant technology understands voice commands and fulfills the tasks given within the scope.
  • The field required a strong background in programming, system analysis, or fluency in several computer languages.
  • Work with other ML engineers, data engineers, and Artificial Intelligence engineers to develop learning models.
  • Properly design and develop AI models to meet the project requirements.
  • Conduct thorough research and experiment with new technology following market trends, and keep your projects up to date.
  • Perform the proper management service, and complete the statistical analysis.
  • Manage the project infrastructure and the development of Artificial Intelligence models and projects.
  • Handling team structure and arranging meetings to coordinate and fix bugs.

Work hours and Benefits

AI developers are full-time employees. They must always stay active at work because they handle many departments to run one project. They are linked with ML and AI programmers, who use their skills and knowledge of other programming languages like C++, Java, Python, and other languages. They also have the quality to understand the customer’s problems and issues and convert these insights into system requirements. They also know how to develop and implement solutions with an experienced software engineer. The basic pay of AI engineers is more than that of other engineers because AI engineers are very skilled and have knowledge of many other programming languages. The salary range starts from Rs 8–16 lakh per annum, which is more or less according to experience. They also get external benefits and incentives from the companies.

Education and Experience

If the candidate is from the United States, the candidate must be a resident of the country; if the AI engineer is from India, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in CS (computer science) or other track records equivalent to the same area of advanced development. They should also have at least 3–7 years of experience in this field, have live experience in handling projects, and have proper attraction and communication with the agents and clients. The AI engineers should have appropriate certification for the completion of existing projects.


The AI engineers should build up their resumes or CVs through the job mentioned above description. The companies will match your resume with the company’s profile and, check your suitability, then call for an interview. After passing these recruitment criteria, the candidate will be successfully hired as an AI engineer by the companies.


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