Augmented Reality Interview Questions


Augmented Reality (AR) creates an improved version of the real world transmitted through technology using digitized visual components, sound, or other sensual cues. Businesses engaged explicitly in mobile computing and business software are noticing a growing trend in this direction.

The use of augmented Reality is expanding and becoming increasingly common across a diverse variety of applications. Since the technology’s inception, advertisers and technology companies have struggled to fight the idea that augmented Reality is merely a promotional tool. Consumers are starting to benefit from this innovation and anticipate it in their purchasing decision.

Basic Augmented Reality Interview Questions

  1. How did you gain the skills required to work in AR from formal education?
  2. What is your experience in working with game engines?
  3. Please mention a situation when you made an error at work and how you resolved it.
  4. What is an exciting part of working with AR?
  5. What makes you more excited to learn and work in AR?
  6. What part of AR makes you least attractive?
  7. Can you describe our company’s recruitment process compared to other companies you’ve yet experienced?
  8. State some AR architecture solution
  9. Which technology elements do you frequently use in AR software?
  10. Which back-end programming languages do you know?
  11. State any 5 AR-related challenges?
  12. Discuss some benefits of AR support to a non-technical person.
  13. What service areas need AR?
  14. How has AR helped in simplifying MRO?
  15. How will 5G help in empowering AR?
  16. Does AR help in improving decision-making power?

Theoretical Questions

  1. State different kinds of AR?
  2. State some ways through which AR can enhance real-world experiences.
  3. Do you know any of augmented Reality’s scope?
  4. Which AR libraries are available for Android and iPhone?
  5. Differentiate between augmented Reality and mediated Reality?
  6. Which is your favorite AR app yet?
  7. Why do you think augmented Reality is valuable and meaningful?
  8. Have you worked with augmented reality business cards?
  9. Which IT employees are more fitted to create an AR app?
  10. Differentiate between AR for mobile phones and large screens?

Scenario-based questions

  1. State some use cases for Augmented Reality.
  2. Do you know any research done on using AR in healthcare? State some works you came across in your knowledge.
  3. How does haptics enhance immersion when using an AR device?
  4. Why is UI more critical for AR designers and developers?
  5. What are the reasons that AR will become more popular?
  6. How can you implement AR in the finance sector, and which tools will you use?

Practical questions

  1. How do AR applications enhance the real world?
  2. State some AR API in Android.
  3. State some best-known apps of AR.
  4. State role of AR in education.
  5. What are your strategies to improve our organization’s service in the best way?

HR Interview Questions

  1. What motivates you to work here?
  2. How you came to know about this job opening?
  3. What is your next five years goal?
  4. What’s your primary professional quality?
  5. What is your professional weakness, and how do you plan to overcome it?
  6. Which activities do you enjoy doing outside work?
  7. What makes you separate from this role from other candidates?
  8. How would you describe your career trajectory above this point of career?
  9. What is the minimum time you will take to join if we offer you the role?
  10. Do you have any questions for us?
  11. What makes you more comfortable working for an organization – independent or with large teams?
  12. Does the working relationship was healthy with your previous manager?


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