Augmented Reality Job Description (JD) Sample


Augmented reality combines real and virtual environments by superimposing digital data on real-world analog views. Learn about the skills required to enter this cutting-edge field. Augmented reality combines real and virtual environments by superimposing digital information onto real-life analog pictures. Augmented reality applications appear in a wide range of products, including T-shirts on fashion catwalks, interactive elements, CVs that speak to the prospective job, and job-seeking tools. Furthermore, anyone with a mobile phone or laptop with video capability can augment and broaden their reality using simple applications.

Overall, applications take one of two approaches: marker-based or location-based. When a camera points at a specific pattern, like a barcode or symbol, the software recognizes it and overlays a digital image at that point on a screen. AR developers must be proficient in advanced computer vision, 3D modeling, and desktop, web, and mobile programming. Texturing, shading, and reworking are the essential aspects of 3D modeling, which is required on priority for the job profile. The preferred programming languages vary depending on the platform but are typically C++ and C#.

Job description and Requirement

Effective in both writing and conversation. The Augmented senior job position will serve as the technical lead for the Department’s Virtual Reality program. The aspirant will have to work closely with the team to develop and advance cutting-edge MR/AR/VR and related technologies. The firms generally look for highly motivated candidates with solid programming skills in virtual reality or gaming and experience in healthcare. Some more requirements are:

  • Experience with Unity, Unreal, Gamemaker, Godot, or RPG Maker game engines.
  • Working knowledge of C#, C, C++, Java, or Python.
  • Knowledge of Virtual/Augmented Reality technologies.
  • Management experience with software development teams.
  • 3D software development experience is required.
  • Management of cloud-based IT solutions.
  • Create and update training materials and user guides.
  • Real-time game engines should be used to incorporate video and 3D animation into interactive experiences.

Education and Experience

Must hold a bachelor’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Game Design. The candidate must have past knowledge of software engineering practices oriented toward team spirit and robust, maintainable software, as well as continue working with RESTful APIs and MQTT brokers. Working with various designers, developers, product managers, and other engineers to think, develop, build, and launch successful client solutions require some expertise. Also, the candidate must know source control.

Working hours and Benefits

The candidate can expect 80$ hourly paid in some firms, whereas in others can also get package offers based on yearly. The person can enjoy basic accommodations with health, travel, and office requirements. According to project grant access, the candidate will be eligible for insurance policies and other benefits.


There is always an equal opportunity for all candidates applying for the profile. So, there is a high need to stand out of the crowd with more expertise in the domain. Preparing similarly with the target job profile and adding some extraordinary skills or industry experience will increase the chance of being hired on priority.


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