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Backups have many more functions other than merely storing your data for times when it gets lost. For a website, backups play a very important role. Storing constant backups for your WordPress website is greatly useful because, at times, certain buggy plugins could be added to your website that prompt errors and rewrite certain essential codes from the directory, causing your website to shut down online. In cases like this, the creator can roll back to the old versions of the website to take the website online again. Various third-party plugins provide cloud storage for wp backups; let’s learn how to complete the backup setup.

How to do Backup in WordPress

1. Manual Backup using Plugin

Backup can be done manually to restrict the number of plugins you add to your website, which could pose a higher security threat if the sources of the plugins are not verified. However, the easiest and most simplistic/easy for beginners to backup your WordPress website is by integrating automatic backup on the website.

  1. Find a wp backup plugin as demanded.
  2. When you download the plugin, hop on to your WordPress site and activate it on the plugins page.
  3. When you add the plugin, a window will pop up where you will have to select certain terms and regulations, a database for backups, a schedule for backups etc.

2. Backup using Hosting Cpanel

Major hosting services nowadays provide automatic backup. These backups run every day, once. Also, they do provide an option to run a backup manually.

How to do Backup in WordPress


Backing up is not a new concept, and not every developer stores backups for their website, as backups require added storage with stronger security integrations. This could be quite expensive for many developers for which. They choose to manually back up their websites on WordPress. Manually backing up is not wrong; however, is often complex and can be a time-taken process. Nowadays, developers have largely leaned towards implementing backup plugins for the wp engines.


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