Big Four Job Description (JD) Sample


The top companies worldwide collaborate with the Big 4 accounting and consulting firms. Every Fortune 500 company and the majority of other eminent businesses are among their clients. As a result, the Big 4 are actively involved in almost every significant event involving these businesses.

You will quickly acquire knowledge and expertise that you cannot receive elsewhere by working at a Big 4 firm. A Big 4 employee’s career trajectory and that of one of their peers in corporate would hardly be comparable if you were to compare them. It becomes difficult to imagine the two people could have begun from the same place because the outcomes would be slanted in favor of the Big 4 employee. The results could be more accurate regarding the significance and quantity of tasks they can handle and the speed with which they attain specific skills. Working for the Big 4 allows you to learn and grow at an unmatched rate.

Note: The Big 4 companies include Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).  This is a common JD sample for them.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Determining the firm’s training and development needs through a job analysis.
  • Developing a training and development program tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Maintaining a high level of performance and meeting goals across all projects, line managers
  • Create a successful orientation program that could be followed by feedback
  • Creating and delivering training materials for in-house instruction.
  • Using a self-evaluation and manager feedback, ensure the statutory training requirements are met.
  • Modifying the current training and development programs to reflect the shifting workplace environment and assessing the current training and development program.
  • Helping the trainer and line managers, either individually or in groups, to resolve particular training issues
  • Keeping current by reading the most recent journals, attending workshops on a particular topic, or networking with professionals in the same field.
  • Keeping track of training hours and managing the LMS.
  • Managing MIS, reporting, and training logistics.
  • Using the employees’ feedback on training workshops, evaluate the development.
  • By getting managers’ feedback on the training and development workshops, their staff attended.
  • Observance of the required training.

Education and Experience

  • At least four years of prior M&A experience.
  • Strong domain knowledge of corporate finance and assertive communication and negotiation skills.
  • Managing stakeholders at the Senior Leadership level.
  • Experience and practical expertise in M&A, Capital Markets, and Corporate Law.
  • Strong business sense and media industry knowledge.
  • Self-driven and able to work independently.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and writing skills.
  • Strong sense of accountability, high ethical standards, and a proven track record of dependability.

Work hours and Benefits

There are a few nights and weekend (Saturday or Sunday) shifts here and there, but nothing like the hectic pace of investment banking. You might also occasionally travel to client locations at regular, non-pandemic times, but this will be much less frequent than the travel schedule needed for management consulting.

  • Associate: Base Pay Between $80K and $100K + 30% Bonus
  • Senior Associate: Base Pay of $115,001 to $145,001 plus a 30% bonus
  • Manager: $150,001 to $190,000 Base Salary + 30% Bonus for Manager
  • Senior Manager: Between $190,000 and $220,000 Base + 30% Bonus
  • Director or Vice President: $220K to $300K Base + 30% Bonus
  • Partner: total compensation of $600,000 to $2,000,000 or more


Prepare with the skills needed for the job profile and apply over the company’s official website. Follow the procedure patiently.



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