Big Three Interview Questions

The Big Three, or MBB, is the name of the three primary strategy consulting companies. They regard as the most reputable businesses in the management advisory sector.

MBB refers to Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Company, the three most esteemed companies in management advising. MBB consultants receive the highest salaries, the highest standards of recruitment, and the best access to exit possibilities.

Basic questions

  1. What stages go into creating a decision tree?
  2. How are trait vectors look?
  3. What do you know about Recommender systems?
  4. Dialogue about cross-validation.
  5. What do you understand by Collaborative filtering?
  6. Do techniques using gradient descent always reach the same conclusions?
  7. What does A/B testing aim to achieve?
  8. What shortcomings does the linear paradigm have?
  9. The rule of large numbers is what?
  10. What factors cause confusing effects?

Theoretical Questions

  1. Describe star structure.
  2. How often does a program need to be updated?
  3. Differentiate between Eigenvalue and eigenvector?
  4. Why is selection repeated?
  5. State entropy in a decision tree algorithm?
  6. What do you know about a decision tree algorithm?
  7. Describe different types of sorting and which is widely used in live projects.
  8. Describe different types of searching and which are commonly used in live projects.
  9. State some OOPs concepts.

Scenario Questions

  1. A dataset on cancer diagnosis is provided to you. You created a classification algorithm with a 96 percent average accuracy. Why shouldn’t you be pleased with the results of your model? What can you do in this regard?
  2. Which ML methods can be used to enter missing values for continuous and categorical variables?
  3. The objective variable’s eight absolute values from the training file are listed below. What is the objective variable’s enthalpy change?
  4. Age, gender, and blood cholesterol levels are the three risk variables we will use to forecast the likelihood of death from heart disease. What method is most suitable in this situation?
  5. After examining a population’s behavior, you have discovered four distinct individual kinds useful to your research. You want to locate every user who most closely resembles each specific category. Which method is best for this research?
  6. After applying the association rules algorithm to your information, it was determined that the two rules “apple, banana” and “apple, orange” both lead to “grape” were pertinent. What else is a given?
  7. Visitors to your company’s website can obtain coupons at random. Additionally, it’s conceivable that website visitors won’t get a coupon. It would help if you ascertained whether giving website users a coupon affects their purchasing choices. Which analytical technique ought you to employ?

Practical questions

  1. State k-fold cross-validation with example?
  2. State a normal distribution with an example.
  3. State Deep Learning with a live model?
  4. State RNN with live example?
  5. State root cause analysis with use case?
  6. State logistic regression with use case?
  7. WAP basic SQL query that lists all orders with customer information.
  8. WAP to implement the working of inheritance.

HR Interview Questions

  1. Brief about yourself.
  2. List your strengths while working in a team.
  3. List your weaknesses while working in a group.
  4. State a reason why you want this job.
  5. What are your five years goals for your career?
  6. What’s your ideal company?
  7. What makes you more excited about this company?
  8. State some reason why we should hire you.
  9. What was the reason for leaving your previous job?
  10. State a time When you were most satisfied with your job?
  11. How will you show yourself better than other candidates?
  12. What were the responsibilities you held in your last position?
  13. What are the duties that become strength in your working environment?
  14. What do you know about this industry?
  15. What do you know about our company?
  16. Are you willing to relocate?



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