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MBB in management consulting refers to the three most excellent prestigious companies in the field, also known as the “Big Three.” The Big Three include McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company. MBB consultants are paid the best pay, which starts at $80,000 per year in the US, are hired with the required level of 1% passing rate, and have access to the most excellent paid exit opportunities.

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Almost every ambitious consultant out there dreams of getting a job at one of the mentioned Big Three MBB consulting giants. Since they are infamously picky regarding qualifications, any applicant would need to create a compelling application explicitly tailored to the MBB consulting firm they want to work for.

If an aspirant is applying to McKinsey, then the application should clarify why McKinsey is best and not BCG or Bain is the right match for you.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Control a group of salespeople.
  • Offer excellent customer service.
  • Make and coordinate the schedules of your salespeople.
  • assist the sales representatives with their tasks.
  • Ensure that the shop is orderly and spotless.
  • Manage payments made with cards and cash.
  • The customer exchanges and returns must adhere to the business’s return policy.

Education and Experience

  • It is necessary to have between one and four years of web development and UI development experience.
  • Must have experience in creating the user interface (UI) for websites or web applications designed for desktops, Mobile, and all types of screens.

Work hours and Benefits

Entry-level salaries at MBB companies begin at least $80K for graduates of undergraduate courses and $140K for those of graduate programs. These statistics add up to about $105K and $208K, respectively, when signing bonus, incentive pay, and relocation expenses are included.

Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) pay rate is the best among the three MBB consultants for both entry levels, starting from $113K for undergraduate entry and $219K for graduate admission. The different bonus is because BCG’s graduate entry-level pay rise ($42K) is $7K higher when compared to McKinsey’s ($35K) and Bain’s ($35K) incentive pay.

In every MBB company, the graduate entrance signing bonus ($25K) is always five times higher than the undergraduate entrance signing bonus ($5K).


The procedure followed is

  • Resume: The expectations for consulting resumes are very different from those for typical resumes and must follow a specific set of internal guidelines for the consulting industry.
  • Standardized tests demand the same dedication and seriousness as a full-fledged GMAT, SAT, etc. More significantly, this step eliminates the majority of applicants.
  • The case interview requires all candidates, regardless of background, to resolve business cases. Up to six points may be discussed during a case interview, which typically lasts 30-45 minutes.



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