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Operating systems is not a very modern concept. The first operating system was introduced by a company known as General Motors for its IBM mainframes (computers). However, for mobile devices, Blackberry was one of the first manufacturers to implement a functioning operating system for their own devices, similar to Apple iOS. It was released in 1999 when people were still unknown about the concept of operating systems and even mobile devices, Blackberry introduced their blackberry OS which could do certain functions other mobile devices at that time could not perform.

What Is the BlackBerry Operating System?

The first blackberry device was launched in 1999, integrated with the Blackberry OS, which is a software developed by Blackberry’s manufacturer, RIM (Research in Motion) that formed the interface which powers the device. As Blackberry OS was one of its kind back then, it could perform tasks such as receiving and sending email via the internet through the push button, supported internet surfing through the web browser and also allowed users to internet fax information to other individuals with a fax machine. In modern times, these features may not sound very appropriate to us however, in that era, a mobile device performing such tasks was something to dream about!

Limitations of the BlackBerry Operating System

In that period, as the Blackberry OS couldn’t do much other than allowing people to communicate remotely, it gained vast popularity amongst the corporate world upon which, other manufacturers such as Apple and Google capitalized heavily since, they primarily targeted the mass market of daily users. Other than that, as Blackberry OS upgraded over time, it began to have some limitations such as:

Unattractive User Interface (UI), Blackberry App store consisted of a much lower number of application options in their AppStore, compared to Apple iOS or Android OS, giving users fewer options to choose from.

BlackBerry Operating System Security

Before its termination, Blackberry heavily focuses on the security and safety of its users. Blackberry OS employed its software, the Blackberry Enterprise solution that enabled its users to access their own organization’s intellectual property, internal communications, safely and securely over the internet. However, as Blackberry has closed down its major services since the end of 2020, Blackberry OS would not be further updated anymore to combat rising security risks for restricting attack vectors on blackberry devices. Therefore, as it won’t be optimized any further, Blackberry OS would be heavily unsafe for daily use and storage of important data.


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