Business Analytics Quiz

Welcome to our Business Analytics Quiz! Business Analytics is the process of analyzing data to make informed business decisions. It helps organizations optimize their operations, improve their products and services, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Whether you’re a data analyst, business consultant, or just interested in the field, this quiz will challenge your knowledge of Business Analytics concepts and techniques. With a mix of multiple choice and scenario-based questions, you’ll be tested on topics like data visualization, statistical analysis, data modeling, and more. So, let’s get started and see how well you know Business Analytics!


Business Analytics Quiz

Test your knowledge of Business Analytics concepts and techniques with our interactive quiz!

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The short period of time in scrum is called?

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What is the full form of the PDCA method?

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What is called the process of generating many ideas from an original topic?

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_________ is a solution that must support business needs.

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Elicitation is a step to extract information from

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____________ is information associated with particular project in Business analytics?

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What is the full form of RTBI?

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While recruiting for jobs in BA, which are the necessary skills required?

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While choosing Business analytics, we should not consider?

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What is Data Lake?

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Which of the following analysis is used by Business Intelligence (BI)?

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Diagnostic analytics is similar to

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Descriptive analytics tracks

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Decision-making is automated by

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What is scoring in Business Analytics?

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Initial analysis of data in an organization is performed on

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The Success of a business depends upon

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What is treated as a Business asset?

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Pre-investment appraisal help in

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Input is concerned with the analysis of

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After the idea is implemented, it is translated into _______.

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An increase in variable cost will increase.

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Business Intelligence is affected by

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What is a challenge faced by Business Analytics?

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Which technique recommends a solution for business growth?

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Which of the following is a programming language used in Business Analysis?

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Which of the following is not a type of Business Analysis tool?

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Which of the following is not a type of Business Analysis?

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How many types of Business analyses are there?

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What is Business Analysis?


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