C++ Program to Swap Two Numbers (Using a temporary variable)

by | Jan 5, 2023 | C++, C++ Programs


In this program, you will learn to swap two numbers entered by the user in the C++ language using a third temporary variable.

To understand this program, you should know about

1. C Data types

2. C programming operators


using namespace std;
int main()
int num1, num2;
cout<<"Enter two numbers: "<<endl;

cout<<"Before swapping:\nnum1="<<num1<<"\nnum2="<<num2<<endl;
int temp; // temp is temporary variable
// swapping

cout<<"After swapping:\nnum1="<<num1<<"\nnum2="<<num2<<endl;
return 0;




In the above program, the user is asked to enter two values that get stored in num1 and num2.

The user enters num1=25 and num2=52.

int temp; by declaring this temporary variable ‘temp’ we will swap the numbers entered by the user.

temp=num1; the value of variable ‘num1’ is assigned to variable ‘temp’. This results in a vacancy in the memory block of variable ‘num1’. Thus, temp=25

num1=num2; the value of variable ‘num2’ is assigned to ‘num1’. Now, there is a vacancy in the memory block of variable ‘num2’. Thus, num1=52

num2=temp; the value of ‘temp’ is assigned to ‘num2’. Thus, num2=25

Hence the values entered by the user are swapped.




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