C program to check whether a number is positive or negative

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In this C program, you will learn how to check if a number is positive number or negative.

The value is entered by the user, and that particular value is computed under some conditions.

A number that is greater than 0 is considered a positive number, and a number less than 0 is considered a negative number.

To understand this program, you should know about

1. C programming operators

2. C nested if…else statement


int main()
float number;
printf("Enter a value:\n");

if(number>0) // condition for a number to be positive
printf("%f is a positive number\n",number);

else if(number==0)
printf("Entered value is 0\n");

else // a number which is neither positive nor 0, thus it is a negative number
printf("%f is a negative number\n",number);
return 0;




To generalize the code, we take input from the user as a float type value.

The value of the variable ‘number’ entered by the user is -5.6. Since it is less than 0 that’s why the first two ‘if’ and ‘else if’ statement doesn’t get executed.

Else condition becomes true, and the statement written inside the body of this statement is executed.



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