C Program to Display Characters from A to Z Using Loop


In this program, you will learn to display all the letters of the English alphabet,

Using the ‘for’ loop, we will display the letter from A to Z on the screen.

To understand this program, you should have knowledge of the following C programming concepts:

1. C if…else statement

2. C for loop

3. while and do..while loop

The program can be made with any loop (for, while, do-while)



int main()


char c;

printf("Aphabets are:\n");

for(c='A';c<='Z';c++) // loop iterate from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.


printf("%c ",c);






The above program is very simple, using for loop, and we display the characters from A to Z.


‘c’ is any character variable that will iterate from A to Z, and each iteration will be displayed on the screen.

More methods

1. To print lowercase alphabets, the ‘for’ loop statement will become


2. To print all English letter alphabets, we can also use the ASCII value range of lowercase and uppercase alphabets.

For upper-case alphabets, the program will look like


int main()


int c; // ‘c’ is a int variable to store ASCII value

printf(“Aphabets are:\n”);

for(c=97; c<=122; c++)


printf(“%c “,c); // here the variable ‘c’ is type casted to char to print characters with respect to their ASCII value.



3. For uppercase alphabets, the for loop in the above code will be written as

for(c=65; c<=90; c++)



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