C Program to Find ASCII Value of a Character


In this program, we will find the ASCII value of a character. This will enable us to find the ASCII value of every character that exists in C programming. The concept of ASCII values is given in the article ‘Storage of a character value’. For more information, you may refer to that article in the C language series.

Moreover, to understand this program, you should know about:

1. Data types in C

2. Variables, literals, and constants

3. ASCII values



int main()


char x;

printf("Enter a character:\n");

scanf("%c",&x); // %c format specifier for character values

printf("ASCII value of %c is %d",x,x); // %d is for integer value and %c is for character value

return 0;





char x; variable ‘x’ is declared of ‘char’ data type. And then, the user is asked to enter the value that will get stored in ‘x’ variable.

scanf(“%c”,&x); here we used %c format specifier to deal with that particular character that the user will enter.

printf(“ASCII value of %c is %d”,x,x); this statement prints the character value at the place of %c and the ASCII value of variable ‘x’ in place of %d.

The character is a ‘char’ type variable but the ASCII values are of integers types, thus we use %d for that.



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