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SAP Smart Styles

2 Introduction SAP Smart Styles are used to define paragraph and character formats. It can be assigned to texts and fields in the Smart Forms. A Smart Style has to be assigned to each Smart Forms. This is done globally for the entire Smart Forms in the Form Attributes of the Navigation window. It can […]

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SAP SmartForms Trace

1 Introduction The SmartForms trace allows us to trace the processing of the Smart Form during printing. It can be analyzed to determine the sequence of the processing of the nodes and the point at which the processing was terminated due to an error. SAP SmartForms Trace To trace the SAP SmartForms processing, the SFTRACE […]

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Output Types in SAP SmartForms

1 Introduction In classic form printing, the forms are printed using a printer. Smart Forms provides different output types or formats for different use cases. Form Attributes under General Settings node is used to determine the default settings for the form output. The default settings can be overruled using the standard parameters while calling the […]

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SAP SmartForms Flow Control

2 Introduction The flow of the processing of the Smart Form can be controlled using the tree hierarchy defined in the navigation window. In this article we will explain the flow control in SAP SmartForms. Conditions affecting Flow Control There are multiple options that affect the sequence of the processing of the form. Output Conditions: […]

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