Subroutine in SAP ABAP

20 Introduction A good coder always tries to reduce repetitive codes and implements codes in such way that it can be reused. Subroutine in SAP ABAP provides us the same functionality. In this article we will learn what it is and how to implement it in SAP ABAP. What are Sub Routine A Subroutine in […]

SAP Package

24 INTRODUCTION A development class (container) to store different development objects together that are developed by a developer. Earlier anyone could use any developed object because everything was stored in a flat structure. In order to set up protection for developers’ development object package concept was introduced. In order to address technical modularization in large […]

Table Maintenance Generator in SAP ABAP

37 Introduction In SAP ABAP Tables, it is sometime required to maintain a table (Create, update, edit or delete a record) manually. In this case, Table Maintenance Generator helps us to achieve the same. In this article, we will explore Table Maintenance Generator and will also learn the events associated with it. Definition A tool […]

Transport Request in SAP

203 Introduction Before we start with Transport Request in SAP, let us discuss basic concepts of coding environements/landscapes in SAP. In SAP ERP, we have three landscapes: Development, Quality and Production. Development landscape is where a developer develops his/her codes/programs. Quality landscape is where a developer/tester tests his/her codes/programs. The production is where users actually use […]

Debugging in SAP ABAP

149 Introduction Whenever a SAP coder writes a program. At the time of execution, if it gives a dump or runtime error then SAP debugger is a tool to check your lines of codes and examine error during runtime. Debugging in SAP ABAP helps a programmer to check his program flow at runtime. We use ABAP […]

ABAP Field Symbols

304 ABAP Field Symbols In ABAP reports, very often you will be having a situation where you need to store single record of a table or take input from user and append that record to table, both at run-time. In this situation you will need a structure which has all the fields of that particular […]

Modularization Techniques in ABAP

67 Modularization Techniques in ABAP is a way to write codes in different processing blocks like subroutine, Function Modules and ABAP objects. In this article, we will learn what is a Modularization, its types and advantages. Introduction The literal meaning of Modularization is “design or production of something in a separate section”. All the ABAP programs […]

Parallel Cursor in ABAP

600 Parallel Cursor in ABAP is a way to modify the conventional nested loop in such a way that the overall performance of the ABAP program gets improved. Introduction Suppose we have two tables, one table has Employee basic details and another table has Employee monthly salary details. And the requirement is to print Employee […]

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