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SAP Standard Text

22 Introduction SAP Standard text is an object that holds some reusable text. If the texts are used more than once, those can be entered as standard text. This is globally stored and can be included in scripts, Smart Forms, or ABAP programs. Usually, standard texts are created for printing documents or inserting content of […]

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What is SAP Smart Forms

29 Introduction SAP Smart Forms is a tool to create and maintain forms for mass printing and sending documents. This tool is also used for developing PDF files, e-mails, and documents. It provides an interface to build and maintain the layout and logic for the form. It does not require any programming knowledge to modify […]

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SAP Package

50 INTRODUCTION A development class (container) to store different development objects together that are developed by a developer. Earlier anyone could use any developed object because everything was stored in a flat structure. In order to set up protection for developers’ development object package concept was introduced. In order to address technical modularization in large […]

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Transport Request in SAP

233 Introduction Before we start with Transport Request in SAP, let us discuss basic concepts of coding environements/landscapes in SAP. In SAP ERP, we have three landscapes: Development, Quality and Production. Development landscape is where a developer develops his/her codes/programs. Quality landscape is where a developer/tester tests his/her codes/programs. The production is where users actually use […]

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