How to Activate Services in SICF

12 Introduction SAP provides Internet Communication Framework (ICF) services that needs to be activated after your OData Service is registered and active. The ICF is an API service enables an ABAP program to communicate with the Internet. In our last article, we have activated our OData services, let us explore more about SICF nodes in […]

How to Create SAP OData

41 Introduction In our previous article, we have already discussed what an OData is. In this article we will go through step by step process to create a SAP OData service. Later on, we will register our service and also test if it is working fine. In this article, we will not write any code […]

What is SAP OData

32 Introduction If you plan to expose your SAP Data (Table or Query Data) to external environment like UI5/Fiori or HANA, then you need to push your data in a form of API. By API we mean, using OData we will generate a service link that can be accessed via internet and can be used […]

What are Restful Web Services

15 Introduction In our previous article we have discussed what is an API. There are different types of API calls e.g. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Representational State Transfer (REST). All these API calls have same purpose i.e. to transfer data securely among two or more systems. In this article […]

Differences between Call by Value and Call by Reference

7 Before discussing the differences between Call by Value and Call by Reference, let’ have a quick introduction of the two. Introduction Modularization techniques in ABAP is a way to write codes in different processing blocks like subroutine, Function Modules and ABAP objects. If these blocks have any parameter interface, while calling them it is required […]

How APIs work

14 Introduction Everything is online nowadays. From grocery website to online medical services, we can do anything and everything right from our home with the help of any electronic device such as laptop, PC or mobile. Have you ever wondered that how the App or the website you visit understands you and processes your payment. […]


400 In this article we have just mentioned imported keys related to ODATA in ABAP. Index What is ODATA? Why we need it? How to Create an ODATA Service? Exploring ODATA CRUD Operation via ODATA Calling CLASS, FM in ODATA Checking your Service: CRUD   Exploring ODATA Data Model Entity Types Association Entity Sets Vocabularies Service […]

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