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Design Patterns in SAP ABAP

14 Introduction In software development world, every project requires a specific flow of code to achieve its target. After the growth of Information Technology, it was observed that many of the process across various domains and business remains same. For example, the way a user sign in and sign out. These common scenarios are now […]

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Garbage collector in SAP ABAP

16 Introduction As a developer, we need not to explicitly configure memory allocation and deallocation in the system. This process triggers automatically, when the object is created memory is automatically allocated to it and when it is terminated the memory is destroyed by the background process called Garbage Collector to free up the space for […]

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Events in ABAP Class

20 Introduction Events in ABAP Class are the functions in a class which triggers the event handlers of other class based on the outcomes. With the use of events, any number of event handler methods can be called. The link between the triggering event and event handler is decided at run-time. Definition An event is […]

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Interface in ABAP

18 Introduction As we know that the principles of Object-Oriented Programming are Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Polymorphism is implemented through Interfaces. It defines the ability of a message to be displayed in many forms. It allows an interface to have multiple implementations.  In this article we will discuss Interface in ABAP OOPs in detail. […]

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Alias in SAP Classes

16 Introduction An alias in general term is used to indicate the alternate name for a given person, or thing. Similarly, in OOPs ABAP, an alias is an alternate name given to the interface methods implemented in the class. Whenever we implement the interface in a class, the interface method is copied with naming convention […]

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