SAP MTA based UI5 Application

45 Under UI5 App, we will be developing an MVC based app and will be calling the Node.js API, that we have just created. In this way we will be developing SAP MTA based UI5 Application. UI5 App Structure As it can be seen below, under our App folder Multichain_logon, we have many files and folders. […]

SAP Node.js Development in MTA

72 Introduction To ease the problem of developers, SAP has provided MTA services where we directly call any API under node.js file and this node.js is then utilized by UI5 App as an API. Hence, we neither need any destination setup nor crucial APIs are getting exposed. Thus SAP Node.js Development in MTA is a very […]

SAP Web IDE Setup for MTA

38 To setup MTA, we will initially need access of SAP Web IDE. Once you have access of the SAP Web IDE, follow the given steps to configure an MTA application: Step 01: Open your web IDE and right click on your workspace and click Project from Template under New as shown below: Step 02: […]

What is SAP MTA: Multi-Target Application

74 Introduction A Multi-Target Application (SAP MTA) is a package comprised of multiple libraries, application and resource modules. These have been created using different technologies and deployed to different runtimes but have a common life-cycle. You can bundle different modules together, describe them along with their inter-dependencies to other modules, services, and interfaces, and package […]

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