Challenges in Cloud Computing

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Preface – This post is part of the Cloud Computing series.


Cloud Computing offers mostly all the demanded resources like storage, memory, and computing on demand. It has been a remarkable journey how the cloud evolved and took the leading position in the market because of its valuable services. Cloud computing has proved beneficial to small and big organizations and startups that can spend less on funding and acquire good services in return. Also, it has generated many jobs as a “Cloud Developer,” which scales employment. Utilizing the cloud is a trend that continues to grow and will continue. Cloud computing has many other facilities such as artificial intelligence, automation, smoother processes, data intelligence, etc. We have seen many features of cloud computing, but company owners face many challenges. To improve cloud computing management, companies can include establishments to simplify and automate the process. Let us learn about some challenges in Cloud computing.

Challenges in Cloud Computing

These are some of the significant challenges of cloud computing


Security is one of the major concerns while switching to cloud computing. They offer us high protection and private data, but other measures should also be towards individual privacy, authentication, and authorization. These can lead to potential revenue loss alongside reputation and stature. Also, the data stored in the cloud is very high, so there is might a problem of data leakage. Hacking and malware practices are also significant problems as they can affect multiple customers. Hacking can lead to data loss, disrupt the encrypted file system, and many other issues. Customers are more reliant on cloud computing. So it’s their responsibility to take significant action toward security and data privacy.

Cost Management

As cloud computing has the lowest payment method among pay-as-you-go services, the modification of the overall cloud is very high. Unused resources are one of the other main reasons why the costs go up and increase the overall cost of resources. If you turn on the services or an instance of the cloud and forget to turn it off during the weekend or when there is no current use, the cost leakage will occur without even using the resources. So there is a need for every individual to have the proper knowledge of pricing models and their usage.

Insufficient Knowledge

Due to excessive use and demand for cloud research, they mainly work with a highly suspicious task requiring good knowledge of cloud infrastructure and management. Also, many professional cloud developers are working, but they need to update according to the new features of the cloud constantly.

There has been a lot of growth seen in the past few years in the job of cloud computing, but there are few people who are skilled in this domain. There is a need for upskilling for professionals to actively understand, manage and develop cloud-based applications with minimum issues and maximum reliability.

Invisibility and Control

Although cloud computing offers the benefit of not managing infrastructure and resources because they are all in-built, it saves our time and effort. Still, the users have reduced visibility and control of their software, systems, applications, and computing assets. As a result, people and organizations find it difficult to access data and security tools on the cloud platform.


Another annoying thing about the cloud for many enterprises is the downtime due to poor internet connection in some regions. You can make the most of their cloud resources and deployment with a consistent, high-speed internet connection. But if you don’t, you may face repeated downtimes, lags, and errors, especially in rural areas. It not only frustrates the users but also decreases their productivity.


For innovation, challenges always arrive between the path that has to be faced to land platforms successfully. The same happens with Cloud Computing technologies. The technology has to meet many challenges in different sectors and fields but has worked over it to make real-time solutions to problems.


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