Characteristics of Edge Computing

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Edge computing provides an architecture that supports computing tasks and helps deploy computer resources quickly. It becomes easy to deploy the resources in physical locations with the data source. Earlier, the distributed models had made different locations for different purposes and then took a long time to process the data for fetching. But with computing, it becomes easy to deploy everything in the exact physical locations. It provides many services and features, such as location awareness, mobility support, graphical distribution, and a lot more. It has become easy to use the compute services on mobile with mobility support of Edge computing. Let us learn about the characteristics of Edge computing.

Features of Edge Computing

Graphical Distribution

Edge computing has provided graphical distribution as it allows access to various regions. Edge computing uses IoT applications utilizing sensor networks to process and resolve big data problems. It helps to analyze the data and make better accuracy. The feature of AI processing allows the clients to make real-time analyses. It also helps monitor any possible collision of data processes so that it can be avoided.

Mobility Support

As the demand and supply of mobile devices are increasing, so the need for applications that can support mobile activities is also growing. Edge computing helps you to deploy edge services on your mobile devices as its supports mobility.

Low latency

Edge computing helps users to load their data with low latency. The data is directly connected with the house from which the analysis process is done, and good-quality data is presented among users.

Location Awareness

The robust GPS helps to find any device’s location in case the device is lost. Edge computing utilizes GPS services for searching any device, such as a vehicle or mobile, in case of any disaster or device loss. The application comes under safety applications or disaster management.


The increase in data and storing the same data is nowadays a big problem. IoT services utilize banned intensive that are scratching the data from videos through video analytics. For these processes, high bandwidth implies less data in terms of video that will be shared with data centers. The videos and other data can be processed by local servers two generate real-time information.


The features provided by Edge computing are very much similar to other Cloud computing platforms, but these features are provided to some extent. It has quickly brought services and products of cloud computing to customers on mobile applications. Because of Edge computing, utilizing Cloud computing services is easy nowadays.



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