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Preface – This post is part of the Cloud Computing series.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the virtual platform that delivers services like data analytics, memory, storage, computing, and security over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. In cloud computing, if you need any resources, you don’t need to mention them initially. Just start using the services and storage that you require. You don’t need them just as quickly; you can return them and stop paying immediately.

Also, three service models of cloud computing are platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and Sofware as a service (SaaS). IT companies use these service models to fulfill their development needs.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

  • No need to guess capacity
    With cloud computing, customers don’t have to predict future infrastructure requirements. Instead of paying for unwanted resources or dealing with limited capacity, you can access only the degree you need and increase or decrease your business’s power in just a few seconds.
  • Go global in minutes.
    Cloud computing Go Global means that even if you locate in a different part of the world than your customers, customers can access your applications with minimal delays and a secure platform.
  • Variable and Dynamic Expense
    Enterprises can implement innovative solutions while saving on costs by taking a cloud computing approach that offers the benefit of a variable expense.
  • High Speed
    The flexibility of cloud computing platforms makes it easier for developers to develop and deploy applications. It provides you with longer to experiment and innovate.

Real-world examples of Cloud computing

  • Messaging Apps like Skype and WhatsApp
    Messaging apps like WhatsApp use cloud computing services for message transfer, user-friendly UI, hassle-free delivery, options like group chat, instant messaging, voice and video calls, and innumerable emoticons have added expressions to the messages. Thus making them highly interactive.Thus cloud computing plays a significant role here by adding new innovative features. Also, there are other features like History logs, notes, and the remainder, Hide user/Group, alert or custom to auto-reply, and archive chats.
  • Banking system
    The banking system uses cloud computing for data and deploys advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for more processing power of data and transactions held in particular banks. It has made financial institutions much easier to understand by people and has increased engagement and built loyalty.
  • Media streaming
    Media uses cloud computing for auto-scaling and video screaming across various platforms. Streaming platforms can increase their bandwidth by scaling on the cloud to provide better video streaming performance and viewing experience. Also, scaling in cloud computing supports the demand for a larger audience.
  • Messaging
    With the help of cloud technology, we can access our important messages anytime from any device using cloud storage. Your data is safe and encrypted on the cloud even when your device breaks. It manages your information on the cloud with a lifetime access opportunity.


In every application and device, cloud computing is in use. Cloud computing has made a new generation change in the usage of applications. Connecting with people globally has been made easy with applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, and many more. The automation feature of Cloud computing has helped the industry for managing workloads.


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