Cloud Computing MCQ Assessment

Welcome to our Cloud Computing MCQ Assessment! Cloud Computing is a popular technology that allows individuals and organizations to access computing resources over the internet on demand. It provides a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to store, process, and analyze data. This MCQ assessment will test your knowledge of Cloud Computing concepts, technologies, and platforms. With a mix of multiple-choice questions, you’ll be challenged on topics like cloud models, service models, deployment models, and more. So, let’s get started and see how well you know Cloud Computing!

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Cloud Computing Quiz

Test your knowledge of Cloud Computing concepts and technologies with our MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) assessment!

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________ is the house of storage, memory, and all other resources?

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What are the Dimensions which is related to the organization’s boundaries?

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Which of the following are types of  Amazon EC2?

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Which is the cloud offering where it offers a virtual desktop?

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What is the main motive behind cloud computing?

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Which of the following network resources can be load balanced?

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What does tenant stand for in multi-tenancy?

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Which of these is an essential concept related to the cloud?

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Which cloud model enables users to operate with the network?

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What is it called when we can access the web address on a browser?

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What can NAAS replace?

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Which of the following do PAAS offers?

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SaaS supports multiple users and provides a shared data model through which model?

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What does frontend architecture provide?

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Which is a service by Amazon which enables you to establish a private network between servers?

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The architecture of the cloud is a combination of

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What does scaling do in cloud computing?

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Which is a cloud computing service model in which hardware is virtualized in the cloud?

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Which of the following is the most popular Cloud service?

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What are the benefits of cloud architecture?

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To allow public traffic in AWS, we can attach

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Which is the most famous example of SAAS?

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Which is a cloud platform by Amazon?

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Live Migration is also called as _______

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Which of these is not a deployment model of AWS?

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What are the advantages of the cloud?

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Which cloud does architecture allow to serve multiple clients?

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Which of the following is not a PAAS service?

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________  is a site that Amazon Cloudfront uses to store a cached copy of data?

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