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In a computerized model, cognitive computing resembles human action and how people think. It is a system that employs self-learning techniques to comprehend how the human brain processes along with data mining, pattern matching, and language understanding.

Therefore, computer vision can make crucial decisions under challenging circumstances. Technology has a significant impact on both our personal lives and various sectors. Personalized shopping bots, travel agencies, and client behavior analysis are just a few of the corporation-related fields where cognitive computing is starting to make headway.

The third processing era, known as cognitive computing, is one in which technology can undeniably supplement human creativity and skill. Because of this, cognitive technologies are quickly changing how customers interact with brands by reshaping and redesigning the user experience with tools that facilitate improved decision-making.


  • The candidate must know how to work with FUT, S.T., SIT, performance testing, and UAT support is performed.
  • Must know how to automate tests. Required: Skilled in understanding a chatbot tool; an automated test tool is preferred. Those in charge of executing and maintaining test automation should suggest changes to the current automation test suite.
  • The aspirant will build, maintain, assess, and test big data solutions in a data scientist role. You will participate in the development of analytics techniques utilizing Tensorflow and other AI-based tools.
  • Must have abilities in developing APIs, pipeline implementation, model quality validation, and algorithm design.
  • Must have proficiency in utilizing Python to interact with IBM Watson services; additional skills with Spark, Hadoop, and HAN.
  • The aspirant will be in charge of creating the algorithms and putting them into action, which includes loading data from various data sets and performing Hive and Pig pre-processing.
  • The aspirant works on new products, incubator activities, and strategic plans.
  • To establish scope, conduct a feasibility study, conduct technical analysis, and create a working sample that exemplifies the idea, you will collaborate with senior leads and mentors with day-to-day responsibilities.

Education qualification and experience

  • The aspirant must have a positive attitude with every challenge.
  • The aspirant must always be capable of taking on challenges & move forward to find a better solution that could satisfy the clients.
  • For education qualification, it is a must to have at least degree. In P.G. course details, one must have a postgraduate degree.
  • They must be capable of communicating with clients and team members.
  • Must have industry experience working with automation testing, performance testing, and UAT.

Work hours and Benefits

The full time is preferred for the aspirant. The standard salary package is 7 lakh per anum to 22 lakh per anum. For including benefits, required facilities, including health services and travel services, will be provided. The aspirant needs to be flexible with the work hours.


The need is to register yourself to the requirement on the official portal. Meanwhile, you need to prepare yourself with the required skills and communication. Gaining experience will be a bonus, and adding to a CV or resume will be more advantageous.



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