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The concept of plugins is similar to adding new weapons to your artillery. Meaning, with additional plugins added to your WordPress, you can add out-of-box features to your WordPress website without coding for the same in your website’s local file. Plugins make every web developer’s life much easier as it does not involve any coding required. It only needs to be added to the sub-file, which will implement its features on the website. Plug-ins can be found in various forms, which will be discussed throughout the length of this article.

Essential and Required Plugins in WordPress

We would like to suggest certain essential or highly required plugins:

Plugin NamePlugin Use
Contact Form 7To create forms that will be used in about us and other places.
Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPAMandatory plugin for GDPR and CCPA regulation.
Post Views CounterTo count and show the number of post views.
Table of Contents PlusAutomatically create a Table of Content-based on Headings used in the post.
WPS Hide LoginChange your Admin Login address to save your website from hacking.
Yoast SEOTo optimize your website for better site ranking and sitemap creation for browsers.
Mammoth .docx converterUpload your word file directly as a post.
Classic EditorOnly if you are used to the old classical editor of WordPress
Classic Widgets and Widget OptionsTo have better controls on Widgets
Wordfence SecurityA must-have plugin to secure your website from attacks.
Contextual Related PostsTo show related posts on your pages, enhancing page SEO.
All-in-One WP MigrationOnly when you are migrating your website from one hosting to another.
All In One WP SecurityA security plugin
404page – your smart custom 404 error pageTo add a 404 Error page if the wrong link is visited. It is a mandatory page requirement from Google.
Easy SSLA plugin to enable SSL in your website to make it HTTPS compatible. It has a dependency upon your hosting provider too.
Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsightsTo view the page visits and other insights from Google Analytics. It requires additional configuration via Google Analytics.

Also, take a look at all the featured plugins and popular plugins by WordPress.

Plugins Information

There are various plugins in the market; let us understand their use case.

  • SEO plug-ins
    Nowadays, most traffic can only be attracted to your website when you have implemented certain key phrases and keywords which allow the algorithm to direct your target viewers to your website page. Try to search for ‘best SEO plug-ins for WordPress’ to incorporate this feature
  • Plugins that are used to boost website performance.
    Plugins allow the developers to code for higher performance in the theme of the WordPress website without really coding for it! This is specifically useful for almost all websites that exist today because customers will only feel encouraged to visit your website without a second thought if it has a rapid response system for the users.


  • Digital reach tracking plug-in.
    As you proceed towards monetizing your WordPress website, you need to know that your website will only be a good money minter when it gains great reach over the world wide web. This means the firm will have to implement various digital marketing and transformation tactics to maximise reach. Therefore, to track the website’s performance, the builder may integrate a plugin for digital reach tracking, easily available in plug-in stores online.
  • Easy SSL
    Easy SSL is one of the most common and easy to implement and incorporate plug-ins freely available for your WordPress website. This allows all your websites to run over an HTTPS system instead of an HTTP system, which is a much unsafe and virus-prone platform on the internet.


Well, plug-ins pave a path for an easy method to upgrade your websites or find quick fixes for the web page’s features. The internet provides provisions for downloading both freely available plug-ins and paid plugins, which offer higher cybersecurity levels or rare features that are not easy to provide.


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