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Coveo is a powerful search engine which has context powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is offered as a SaaS product [Software-As-A-Service]. In this article, we will learn the most asked interview questions related to Coveo.

Basic Coveo Interview Questions

1. What is Coveo?

Ans. Coveo is an advance AI powered search and recommendation solution of e-commerce platforms. It uses Machine learning to display relevant and location based content and items, thus improving customer experience. It is a very useful tool for a large and complex catalogue (those where multiple size, parts, colour and design combinations are involved). It also provides analytics tools for Admin to improve their experience.

2. How is Coveo different from other search engines?

Ans. The Coveo search drive content into context. It provides user options of both context based search as well as full statement based search. The search terms in coveo becomes search query. It gives better results with less effort with the help of its context based search. It can be integrated in all possible ERPs and Business tools.

3. Why a business should use Coveo?

A business should Coveo search engine as it provides relevant information everytime, everywhere for everyone. Coveo search unifies the entire knowledge ecosystem in a single view, delivering timely access to contextually relevant information by:
a. Pre-filtering queries using a specific context including user permissions
b. Allowing users to be more precise with less keywords
c. Use of many features to support query formulation
d. Post-filtering results using related filters
e. Users become self reliant and capable of handling tasks of greater complexity
f. Time saved to retrieve, analyze and take action

4. What are the options in Navigation Panel?

Ans. Navigation enables users to refine their results. It is always based upon search results and criteria. It is entirely based upon the output of the context result.

5. What are the options in Context Tabs?
Ans. Coveo provides following context options via tabs: cases, Knowledge Base, Feeds, Documents, Videos, Blogs, and All.

6. What are the features provided by Coveo Search?
Ans. Coveo Features provides options like:
a. Query Suggestions: which identifies typed characters either exact, partial or fuzzy matches.
b. Search as you type: which provides options as you keep typing
c. Term Correct: which crrects misspelling and provides alternative terms
d. Expansions: which broadens the match possibilities using wildcards and stemming.

7. What more can you do of the search results?
Ans. We can share query, export to excel, manage alerts and even follow a query to get notifications.

Technical Coveo Interview Questions

1. How to build a Search UI using the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework?

2. Explain the concept of Atomic Library in Coveo.

3. Explain the concept of Headless Library in Coveo.

4. Explain the basic configuration of the Coveo JavaScript Search UI.

5. Describe events and the order in which events are triggered.

6. How to Log analytics events programmatically and modify standard analytics in Coveo.

7. Explain the queries that can be used in Coveo and how can you modify them.

8. Explain the concept of Hosted Search Pages. Also, explain how you can create and manage it?

9. How to implement a Search Box using REST APIs?

10. How to implement a Result List using REST APIs?

11. How to implement Facets using REST APIs?

12. How to implement Tabs using REST APIs?

13. How to implement Authentication Methods using REST APIs?

14. Explain the concept of Coveo CLI and its steps of installation.

15. How to manage Coveo In-Product Experiences (IPX)?

Scenario based Coveo Interview Questions

1. Explain a B2B usecase where Coveo can be integrated.

2. How these features can be integrated using Coveo:

  • Provide a unified and personalized experience to each and every visitor
  • Enable self-service
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Automate marketing, ecommerce, and customer support processes


Integration based Coveo Interview Questions

1. Explain the JavaScript based Coveo Integration Concept.

2. Explain the OData basd Coveo Integration Concept.

3. How can you Integrate Salesforce with Coveo?

4. How can you integrate SAP UI5 with Coveo?

5. Explain the concept of Stream API.

6. Explain the integration methods for the following:
a. Catalog Product Data
b. Catalog Variant Data
c. Catalog Availability Data
d. Commerce Catalog




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